Wednesday, 17 December 2008

31st December 2008 TRAINING

There will be a training session at Underhill Park at 10am on New Years Eve for any players who want to attend. We have a match on Sunday against Penlan so it would be a good opportunity to knock off some of the cobwebs.


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Playzone Party

Donna (Ben M's mum) has organised a Xmas party for the boys at Playzone (the one in the Llansamlet Enterprize Park) on Saturday 13th December from 3-5pm. It will be play, then food.

Some of you have signed up with Donna already - but if you haven't you can still come and pay on the door on the day. £10 a boy. It looks like most of the team are going and promises to be an energetic afternoon for the lads, and feet up with a cup of tea for the parents. See you there.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

South Gower and Fall Bay matches

From the Theatre Royal, West Cross where he is starring as Widow Twanky, Michael Morgan regales the Christmas tale of "The Three Merry Kings of Mumbles". The reindeer are played by Floyd and Baron Hardnut by Lyndon. Dan is of course Dandini because he likes wearing tights and Mike Gravenor is our muscial director, choirmaster and has a small part in which he sings a short song entitled: "Who stole Mike's pies". Apparently the audience should reply "Dan".

A get better soon message goes to: Alex, Ben H., Keiran and Sam.

Are you sitting comfortably...because the tales begins...

December 7th 2008

Game 1 - South Gower 2 - Mumbles 6

Game 2 - Fall Bay 3 - Mumbles 2

For today's Yuletide fixture, like many others in the region, we travelled with great expectation to sample the festive atmosphere offered at Lapland West Gower, Scurlage.
Our opponents in the Red Robin Gower Challenge were the hosts from Fall Bay and our old sparring partners, South Gower. Having left plenty of travelling time to safely negotiate the obligatory convoy of muck spreaders, caravaners, horse boxes and farmer Palmer's 300 strong dairy cattle herd, the Crusaders Polar Express entourage for the day dutifully arrived on time at its final destination for a scheduled 11.30 kick off.

Players for the day were Dom, Liam, Harry, Lloyd, Cian, Tom G, Tom P, Jack P, Rhys C, Cameron, Nathan, Ben M and a welcome return to the fold for Max.

In the first of our games for the Holly Willoughby Garland Trophy against South Gower all players seemed to pick up from the lessons learnt over the last few weeks in training and against live opposition. On a short and narrow pitch, all players had to quickly adapt to keeping their running attacking and defensive lines straighter than in previous encounters. Against very credible opponents who always provide us with a difficult test, the players showed some tremendous rugby nous, teamwork and quick thinking to enable us to emerge with a victory. Particularly pleasing in this encounter was the even distribution of tries amongst the players and their commitment in both contact and contesting the ball in the tackle area.

Almost immediately after the South Gower game the players were called upon to play for local pride and bragging rights against the host team Fall Bay. Although this was our first encounter of the season against them, previous fixtures against them have always been keenly contested and tight encounters. On that front, today's game proved to be no exception and was a fantastic display of rugby from both teams that had the crowd purring with appreciation. For the Crusaders, as always, every player showed tremendous pride in their jersey and at times the standard of play from one and all was amongst the best we have seen. All players showed on the day that the right attitude in games like these is just as an important factor as the high skill levels displayed on the field of play. Although the result went against us, all players and parents who saw this game should be proud of their achievements and on another day, having not played back to back matches and on a wider field the result may have favoured us when possibly a draw today would have been a fairer reflection on the players' efforts.

Team Crusaders would like to thank Fall Bay and South Gower for allowing us to muscle in on their fixture whereby our previous opponents Morriston were double booked for the day. The fact that we were given this opportunity to play is in part a reflection of the sporting standards set on and off the field by the players, parents and supporters of the Crusaders whereby teams are willing to host us at short notice because of the positive values and encouragement given to both sides by all connected to the team. Building this type of relationship at this age group is important because as we progress through the age ranges, the games may become a little more "spiky" and winning may be considered a bit more important.

In summary, an excellent morning rugby was had by all and we look forward to honouring our fixtures against our excellent and very hospitable hosts Fall Bay. Despite most of the Crusaders missing the opportunity and experience of seeing elves, huskies, reindeer and Santa in his WinterWonderland oasis that is Lapland West Gower, no unsavoury incidents or complaints have been received by the many visitors that visited there today, no-one has asked for a refund and the council do not intend to slap a closing order against them.

Dan, Lyndon and Mike would also like to thank all concerned with the Crusaders for their support in 2008 and wish you all a Merry Christmas

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Many thanks to Kay, Donna and Rav...

for organising a really excellent evening last night. The only drawback for me was having to put up with being hammered by Shona, Donna and Ceri at the quiz. At least I carried the Stella home though. The weight and ages of the coaches remains a secret known only to Rav and is protected by Doctor confidentiality.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Matrix team for Fall Bay

The following are invited to FREEZING COLD SO WRAP UP WARM Fall Bay. 11.15am meet

Ben M
Tom P
Jack P
Tom G
Rhys C

Weekend Plans: Fall Bay Away and Parents' Do at the Club

Friday Night: Don't forget the Minis Section Xmas Do at Mumbles Rugby Club. From 8 till late. Rav's Quiz starts at 8:30 followed by Disco. Only £3 a ticket with all proceeds going to the teams. You can pay on the door or get a ticket from Mike (7s) or Donna (9s). Come along and support the club. All parents / grandparents / friends / anyone are welcome. Drag someone along.

Sunday: Change of plan. We are now going to an away fixture at Fall Bay. The matrix team for the match will be published asap.

The Fall Bay rugby club is in Scurlage and quite easy to find. Take the South Gower road all the way to Scurlage, continue through the village on the road to Port Eynon and the Fall Bay RFC clubhouse and pitches are on the right hand side. It takes about 25 minutes from Mumbles. Meet there at 11:00. Enjoy the lie in for a change.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Match v Pencoed

Mike Morgan reports from the game this morning.

30th November 2008

Mumbles 0 - Pencoed 4

In the third game of our Invertigo Pepparami sponsored Autumn Series against the trilogy of the rugby giants of the Southern Glamorgansphere, we welcomed to Loftus Fferwald the Powerful Pencoedians. With their travelling arrangements with the local chapter of Ice Road Truckers courier services safely at their disposal, they were able to leave the frozen wastelands East of Sarn Park to arrive promptly for an 11 AM Kick off. Unfortunately, the ever popular Ice Dance Spectacular at Swansea's Winter Wonderland and a local derby at the Stadium of Liberties depleted the Pencoedians of a number of their regular players and consequently they arrived with only one team for what we knew would be a real contest of contrasting styles.

Having suffered at the hands of the Southern Glamorgansphere sides Porthcawl and Cowbridge, we knew this game was all about attitude and the players of the Crusaders responded in magnificent style, tackling and competing for every scrap of possession. Especially pleasing was some of the close quarter stuff where none of the Crusaders boys refused to give an inch or be intimidated by what was a very keen and legitimate Pencoed team in attack and defence. While our predetermined plan of making a raft of substitutions at set intervals to allow all 18 boys to have as much rugby as possible on the day may have interrupted the continuity of our game, our team objectives still remain constant, irrespective of the final scoreline.

Today's game had a nice little abrasive edge to it, and thanks to Dan, never overstepped the mark. Coupled to this the positive contribution of both teams, support coaches and parents ensured the game flowed in the correct spirit and didn't deteriorate into a free for all. . This element of the game, while thankfully is not encouraged by many coaches, it is in fact part and parcel of the game and exposure to this now is another important step in the teams and players development.

While as always, all players are worthy of mention for "fronting up" in the game today, three players really stood out for their all round contribution and tenacity - namely Cian, Rhys C and Lloyd John who collectively probably had their best games for the Crusaders. Again, despite the adversity of the scoreline, all players showed tremendous camaraderie and team ethic and the support from the parents was as always exemplary and welcoming.

Team Crusaders would again like to thank the excellent players and coaches of Pencoed for today's fixture and for sharing a similar set of values and beliefs to ours when it comes to Junior Rugby. Also thanks to the Cricket Club for hosting the after match cheese and wine food fight and for the Hot-Dog Police for their vigilance in making sure that nobody exceeded their given allowance for the day.

Remember the quiz night on Friday 5th December - start swotting on Wikipedia -

Sample Questions -

Geography - Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon, but what was Iceland formerly called?

Science and Nature - What large land dwelling carnivore that eats seals and has white fur can be found in both the Arctic and Antarctica Regions?

Arts Literature - What was Captain Hooks name before he lost his hand?

Sports History - What is the contents of the Swansea Uplands Trophy Room?

Friday, 28 November 2008


Home at Bishopton

All the players required.

See you at 10.30am.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dates to note

1. There is NO training this Wednesday. There will be training next Wednesday.
2. We are home against Pencoed this weekend. It will be a Matrix side.
3. Donna (Ben's mum) has organised a Xmas party for the boys at Playzone on Saturday 13th December from 3-5pm. It will be play, then food. £10 a boy, with first come, first served.
4. 5th December is the parents night out at the club, with disco, bar, quiz and shove-happenny. Kay (Aled's mum) and Donna for tickets.

Matches v South Gower

We played split our teams in half to play approximately two seven-a-side teams.

Team DC was made up of:
Rhys C, Tom G, Sam, Connor, Lloyd, Cian, Dom, Ben H. John Hinds ran behind the team and sorted out the substitutions expertly.

Team won the first game 5-3 and the second game 7-1. Again the tries we shared out. What was impressive was the passing before contact and the passing out of contact. The team spirit was excellent, with lots of positive energy between the players.

Here is Mike's report!

First Period Mumbles 3 - South Gower 2 (Captain Ben Marsden)

Second Period Mumbles 4 - South Gower 8 (Captain Keiran Morgan)

Having thrown the sacred bones of Diablo at the holy shrines of power that oversee our every move and appeasing the spirits therein, we were able to continue to play out of our adopted home at Bishopston. Having avoided the potential threat of being taken hostage by a gang of rebel Somaliland Pirates en route, the majority of the Mighty Crusaders safely reached port just before the 10 30 high tide, thus enabling us to field two strong and well balanced teams for an 11 AM kick off against our good friends from South of the Gower.

Team MM consisted of Tom P, Jack P, Liam, Harry, Tom L, Alex, Ben M, Max and Keiran.

In the two games the players from both teams tried to play an open and expansive game and demonstrated a high skill level with their ability to run and pass coupled with some neat little offloads which allowed the games to develop some continuity. Given the heavy conditions and the biting northerly wind, a lot of credit goes to all the players for the manner and spirit in which they played the game and the esprit de corps of the Crusaders players and parents. Particularly pleasing in today's "Abbreviated Games" was the amount of ball and tackle time given to each of the players and the distribution of tries amongst the team (not sure who scored in total, but yet again Gaynor's conversation got into 3rd gear causing her to miss her sons moment in the sun). Also it was nice to see the majority of players looking for the open spaces and not running back to where the pass had come from and the system introduced at the first line of defence being fully embraced with considerable enthusiasm by all.

Team Crusaders would like to thank South Gower for providing us with the opportunity for fielding two teams thereby ensuring everybody from both sides got plenty of rugby, irrespective of the scorelines. Thanks to the South Gower coaches, Gareth and Rob who continue to do excellent work with their players and aim to instil the correct values into their teams and for their support towards the sympathetic refereeing decisions that allowed the game to be played in the spirit of the law rather than to the letter of the law. In the difficult conditions such an approach was required and welcomed as the majority of players today made the odd yet unpunished mistake and they all seemed to thrive upon finding mud in various orifices of their body.

My thanks goes to Joanne and Vicky for masterminding the substitutions, which, as the cold set in, the players enthusiasm to seek the sanctuary of a cuddle on the touchline and a bit of TLC grew ever more appealing. Also thanks to the tactical guru that is John Marsden, who after a relatively successful start of his tenure suffered his first defeat as Director of Performing Arts and Science and whose record in this role is now only marginally better than Martin Johnson's - Beware of the Fleet Street Scribes and the personal backlash that may accompany this - welcome to the real world of Junior Rugby.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sunday v South Gower

At Bishopston 10.30am meet

ALL the players involved this week.

A matrix team for Pencoed the week after.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Mumbles 6 Dunvant 4

It was a great pleasure to welcome a much improved Dunvant team to the Bishopston school playing fields this Sunday. The weather was similar to the state of a Mike Morgan Saturday sing song. A bit blustery, a bit wet and not sure of whether things would brighten up. Thankfully it kept dry and we were able to train well for a good half an hour before the opposition turned up.

It is worth noting we have introduced some new systems in attack and so we tried to implement these in the game. We are keen to keep the passing going and players not to run back on themselves, in other words towards where the opposition are coming from.

There was some difficulty identifying the opposition since they looked more like an Under 13’s team. With matrix coughing up a new team for this week, the sundries went off with Mike Morgan for further training and Mike Davies (Rhys’ dad) took on the substitutions duties.

Playing down the hill in the first half, Sam whisked off to score a couple of tries, plus Cam dived over after some good running. But it was Dunvant who kept up the pressure and only some resolute tackling stop more tries being leaked.

It was particularly good to see Connor and James Parker making such a positive contribution, whilst the other players made their usual good impressions on the team. Another positive was the team effort in terms of passing.

Coach Lyndon was a constant threat behind the team. At one point he confused the substitutions to the extent that we had eight players on the pitch. However his half time team talk galvanised the players, focusing their efforts on the ball on the ground. Going up hill against a big side was going to be tough.

The boys picked up their game extremely well with most of the pressure being in the Dunvant half. Some fine tackling from the visitors from Killay held out James, Cameron, Rhys C and Tom L from near scores. Rhys D, Sam and Rhys C however did make it over the line (I might need some confirmation of this!)

There was plenty of great tackles, with captain Cameron leading the way, but other notable tackles came from Tom L, Dom, both Rhys’, Tom G, Cian and Aled.

Alex was his usual strong self in close quarters and Harry kept the ball alive well, linking to take the ball away from contact.

The game was won 6-4.

Afterwards we went to the cricket and I believe it was a successful way to get together after the game.

Training at the Astroturf on 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Don’t forget December 5th at the clubhouse for parents' disco and quiz.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Match v Dunvant

10am meet for the whole squad at Bishopston.

We will train for 30 minutes, and then the non playing squad will continue to train until 11am.

The match starts at 11am and then back to the cricket club for hot dogs etc.

Here is the matrix team //cu.jim.e./o2joy//

Rhys C
Tom L
Rhys D
Cameron (captain)
James P

Christmas party Friday 5th December

An Xmas quiz, disco and dancing at the rugby club on Friday 5th December starting at 8pm.

Tickets only £3 (to cover Mike Morgan's costume for the disco) from Donna Marsden (Ben's mum) or Kay Midha (Aled's mum).

The event is open to all parents and dog carers from the U7 through U11s (and anyone else).

The quiz will be run by Dr Rav Midha in the style of Jeremy Paxman.
There will be a professional disco playing all the tunes you love.

Obviously there is a bar for the all the non-dancers.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Astroturf tonight

4:30 - 5:30 at Ashleigh Road. Drive up the lane between the football and rugby pitches and park near the tennis club. Our pitch is the one nearest the buildings. Wrap up, it'll be cold later.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cowbridge Match Report 2

Cowbridge 10 Mumbles 0

Team DC was made up of Rhys C, Tom G, Alex, Harry, Ben H, Ben M, Tom L, Cian and Connor.

Both halves were hard fought, and the boys did many good things...passing before contact, tackling, mauling and keeping their team spirit up. But we faced a tide of speed and strength. As Mike says in his match report, it was a learning curve during the game and some reflection afterwards on what is required at a better level. If we don't play these teams and lose we will never progress.

Everyone made a tackle and some players made some significant tackles, keeping the score down. We rarely came close to their line, but continued to recycle some good ball. Running forwards with support and now presenting the ball to the opposition were not our strong suit though.

Many thanks to John H (and Brett for a short period too) for running behind the team. Also to Donna and Jo for their help with bottles, first aid and then in the kitchens afterwards.

I think Bishopston is an ideal facility for us and I would echo Mike Morgan's thoughts on that.

Cowbridge Match Report 1



On a blustery and squally morning we welcomed our venerable guests from Cowbridge. With our visitors having beaten the ancient drovers' paths West to arrive by 10.30, and thanks to the excellent facilities at Bishopston, we were able to kick off at 11.00 prompt. Despite some coaches not feeling mentally and physically up to the demands of cross regional championship rugby after playing to much table top football on a dodgy surface, the needs of the team, as always, came first and there were no 11th hour panic changes to our matrix formation or Wendy Boy excuses. Consequently we were able to field two sides for what we knew would be a formidable challenge in front of us.

Team MM consisted of Captain Tom P, Jack P, James P, Liam, Lloyd, Max, Vice Captain Aled, Sam, Cameron and Keiran. In an enthralling game, it was quickly apparent that today's guests were slick proponents of the game, where their all round game had few weaknesses. Their ability to play as a team was important in all of this as they quickly looked to offload and pass to any member of the team in space or better positioning and not worrying about who scored or who scored the most tries. For Mumbles, yet again, all the players are worthy of credit for the way they stuck to their task and resilience in adversity. The solitary try was scored by Max, who worked energetically throughout. Particular mention for today's game goes to the superb Sam, the total commitment shown by Aled and the outstanding and belligerent efforts of Keiran.

Today's game was an excellent learning curve for the players development as they played a team they knew little about beforehand and therefore takes them out of the "Comfort Zone" of playing local teams where the players know each other either from school or other contexts. Games like this require the players to adapt to the regional variations and styles of the game found throughout Wales, and in this respect, especially in the second period, all the boys seemed to front up well to the challenge and play some confident and controlled rugby.

Our thanks goes to our gracious visitors and their outstanding team of players who were worthy winners on the day. Thanks to our old friends Stuart "The Punch From Hell" Roy, Chris "Babbling" Bradshaw and Big Paul, who after distinguished first class playing careers are coaching the correct virtues of rugby both on and off the field to their players and supporters. It is a return fixture we look forward to soon to see if we are developing as a team and to use the old adage, learning lessons . Thanks again to all parents and supporters of Team Crusaders who continue to show their appreciation and good humour to both sets of players in all conditions.

Also thanks to Mark "Skinny" Jones and Julie for the hospitality offered to the players, parents and supporters of all age groups and especially for the rarity of being pleased to welcome a slightly embarrassed Mike M in the rugby club the day after a Welsh International Game.

To quote a line from the film Support Your Local Sherriff when Jason McCullough (James Garner) says: "Why do these jaspers always have to hit town at meal times?" Mark and Julie warmly welcome all players and parents after the game and sometimes it is important to support your local club as it serves an important part of team bonding for players and parents alike.

Cowbridge win

With further reports to come in, I will just note that we lost both games today.

It was an excellent, if tough experience in windy conditions. The team I was with kept their spirits up throughout and played with heart. However Cowbridge were a very strong and fast team and though we defended well, we could not get much forward momentum.

We have Dunvant at home next week and plan to play at Bishopton again.

On another note, I had a couple of calls this morning on my mobile which I missed. It is better to ring me on my home phone on a Sunday because there is a poor signal in the house.

More soon.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cowbridge Challenge

This Sunday we are back at Bishopston School Playing Fields (hurray!) for a match with Cowbridge, who will have travelled from the darkest depths of the Vale of Glamorgan. We will of course endeavour to make them feel welcome. All the squad should be at Bishopston by 10:30, for an 11:00 kick off.

Apres rugby, everyone is invited to venture back across the common to the clubhouse for nutritious hot dogs, where the finer points of the matches will be dissected over several pints of Mumbles' finest ale.

Rain information: The pitches have been in good condition this week and the match is very unlikely to be called off because of them. So it looks like it will all be on. But we know that thundery showers are forecast so please make sure you have some clothing to keep the boys dry before the match and something dry to change into afterwards. It is also important to change before going into the clubhouse so the boys aren't wearing muddy kit or shoes.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gowerton Match Report

From the Bishopton High Veld

Filed by Francois Morganeer

Sunday 2nd November 2008

Mumbles 11 Bishopston 0

On a beautiful November morning, where conditions and temperatures were ideal for the type of rugby embraced by the Crusaders, we sought to gain an early psychological advantage over our respected opponents by moving the First Test from our spiritual home Parc Dan y Bryn to play in the energy sapping altitude and thinner air of the Bishopton High Veld.

With all the data from the matrix not fully available until half an hour from kick off, we finally were able to call upon 15 good men and true to enter into the complex matrix code //2468 never 2 late 3579//. This allowed us to formulate 3 groups as follows:-

The players and groups

Group A Group B Group C

Rhys C (1) Max (6) Aled (11)
Rhys D (2) Harry (7) Alex (12)
Keiran (3) Tom G (8) Connor (13)
Cameron (4) Cian (9) Ben M (14)
Lloyd (5) Sam (10) Nathan (15)

After weeks of general frustration but recent gradual improvement, it seemed to finally click today for the team and the Technical Director of Rolling Substitutions, who eventually mastered his 5 times table and ability to recite and recall the first three letters of the Modern English Alphabet. With this difficulty seamlessly resolved, the boys played with tremendous enthusiasm, continuity and collective pride against what was, despite the misleading scoreline, a very good, well drilled and determined Gowerton team.

Especially pleasing was the enormous pride and determination everyone took in a Herculean defensive effort in which we were quite rightly rewarded with another "BIG D" shut out. This type of hardnosed attitude in rugby cannot be instilled into players but is something that comes from within, to quote the old saying for all sports, especially ones like rugby, " A coach cannot put in what God left out ". However, this particular aspect of today's game gave all associated with Team Crusaders an enormous amount of satisfaction and was a general discussion point amongst all the touchline Connoisseurs of Colossus.

For the record, and equally pleasing, was the number of different names on the scoresheet, with contributions from Rhys C (4), Max (4) Rhys D, Harry, Cian and Keiran (editor's note: we think these were the scorers, but the high altitude might have got the better of us, please advise). However it is important to note that in a TEAM GAME all these scores were as a direct result of the hard work of all 15 players used on the day, where it is fair to say, we probably played as well as we have ever done.

Team Crusaders would like to thank Bishopston for allowing us to use their facilities and also thank the Gowerton team for their efforts and never-say-die attitude today. The game was played in a fantastic spirit and this is a credit to the players, coaches and parents of both sides. Thanks especially to Gowerton coaches Dai and Lyn for graciously accepting the better team on the day won and the manner in which they encourage their players to play the game. It is again another fixture and welcome we look forward to honouring.

Key Dates For The Diary

* Wednesday 5th November - NO TRAINING

* Wednesday 5th November - 5.30 - 7.30 An effigy of Mike Morgan's former DT teacher climbs up a pile of wood (St Helens)

* Thursday 6th November - 7.30 - 8.15 Lyndon learns how to play buzz using the number 7 (Ostreme Hall Mumbles, all welcome.)

* Sunday 9th November -Mumbles Crusaders v Cowbridge 11am kick off. They are bring TWO teams so everyone is required.

Tom gets held up on the line and Harry takes the offload to dive over.

Max and Rhys helped themselves to a couple of tasty breakaways

The boys listen intently to Gaynor's post match debrief

Friday, 31 October 2008

Keep warm this weekend

It is going to be FREEZING on Sunday, so please wrap up warm.
1. Bobble hats
2. Gloves (like goalie gloves)
3. Plenty of layers under the shirts
4. Tracksuit bottoms under shorts
5. Lots of socks
Stay indoors at Bishopston until you are required outside. Hot thermoses of coffee, hot chocolate and other such bevvies.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gowerton Match

The match on Sunday will be played at Bishopston School playing fields. This is due to a crowded fixture list at Underhill. Just drive over the common towards Bishopston, go past the garage on the right, and turn left into The Glebe, just before the hill that takes you down into Bishopston valley. The School is at the end of The Glebe, and the playing fields in front of you.

All players please meet at Bishopston at 10:30. Depending on the numbers that Gowerton bring, The Matrix will generate a match squad, with the rest having a training session at the same time.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Match report from Penclawdd

Report just in from Penclawdd.

In brief: we won, the boys played well, the welcome was excellent.

At length, please refer to Mike "I swallowed Roget's Theasurus, Bacon's Shorter Latin Primer and the Oxford English Dictionary" Morgan's piece below.

Tuesday 28th October 2008

Penclawdd 6 Mumbles 7

In another momentous and era defining week in the annuls of Welsh Rugby history in which we witnessed, after a three year absence, an away win for Llandovery and the return of the great antipodean migratory species Vulturaris Dribredduss Australis to continue in his critically acclaimed role of Principal Boy in the Tri-Enniall W.R.U. Christmas Pantomime.

Amongst this maelstrom of mistrust and malcontent, the mighty Crusaders and the good people of Penclawdd rose majestically above the carnage that lay below them and unreservedly allowed the unconditional release of all players selected for their half term holiday commitments, whilst at the same time, maintaining the integrity of their domestic league by honouring this evening's fixture.

After an earlier fatwa against two leading dignitaries of Mumbles RFC was overturned for reasons known only to them, we travelled with great anticipation for a floodlight challenge in near freezing conditions against a very well organised and highly disciplined Penclawdd team. In all, we took a squad of 11 players, with John Hynes and John Marsden mastering the rolling substitution system to perfection, thus ensuring each player got the requisite 17 minutes and 34 seconds each.

The game itself was a highly entertaining spectacle, refereed by the superbly impartial Darryl in which both sides played with great skill levels, enthusiasm and commitment. Tries flowed at either end as both sides adopted a fluid approach to the game in which the simple mantra of bang pop whoosh paid great dividends to both teams.

For Mumbles, tries were scored by Rhys C (3) , Sam (2), and especially pleasing for the team were the ones scored by the elusive Cian and, after great support work, Liam's efforts were finally rewarded with him crossing the line somewhere in Lougher!!!!! Instrumental in this victory was the contributions of captain for the day Lloyd and Keiran in their attempt to outdo one another in the bonecrunching tackle department. Also worthy to note the barnstorming runs of both Ben Hynes and Harry, the industrious efforts of James P, who really got stuck in, the fleet footed and deceptive running of Ben M and the selfless, unseen but never unsung work of the ever improving Alex. This collective effort signifies what this simple game is all about and it was especially pleasing to see the players operate as a single entity, especially in the second half, where some of our collective teamwork was amongst the best we have seen. Well done to one and all.

In summary, it was an excellent evening's rugby which was played in a fantastic spirit and in a superbly resourced environment that we can only envy. Team Crusaders would again like to thank the players and parents of both sides for their continued and appreciative support to all players, and a special thanks to Nic and Phil Davies of Penclawdd RFC for proving to be the most accommodating of hosts. It is a fixture and relationship that we are fortunate to be able to build upon.

I would also like to thank the dear old lady who on my way out, traded in a spinning wheel in return for a felt tip pen and half a box of tic tacs.

Best Wishes

Mike M

Penclawdd adventure training team

Team is, by the way:

Ben H
Ben M
James P
Rhys C

Game still on at Penclawdd

Meet at the ground (where we played the tournament) at 5.45pm.

The ground is the same one we played the tournament on, by the seaside. Graig-y-coed

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Message from the yacht

I have just received this message via the communication known as semaphore from Mike Morgan's yacht in the bay:

Could you reprogramme the matrix //2468-ar lan y mor-90// as from the original selection. We need to check who is available.

Anyone who can't make 6pm from the original team please contact Dan and if others are, also please tell Dan.

Looking forward to our adventure to Penclawdd

Ave Daniares! Morituri te Salutant.

Mike M

No training on Sunday

Here is a picture of the sun so you can tell your children about something that seems to rarely visit Wales.

It is not be confused with our oligarch's, Mikael Ivanastyich Morganov, morning read.
He is currently on his yacht fishing with Peter Mandelsson and George Osbourne, but will be with us on Tuesday night to go to the tax haven Penclawdd. (It is a tax haven, because everything is traded by barter, so bring a cow or some beans for a cup of tea afterwards).
Training at 10am on Tuesday for everyone and then the original matrix squad for Sunday will play against Penclawdd.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Penclawdd game moved to Tuesday

Penclawdd cannot play on Sunday, but can play on Tuesday in the evening. There will be training for anyone who can make it at 10am (that is 11am real time remember) on Sunday.

The same team will play on Tuesday night and all can train on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Penclawdd Directions, 10:30 Meeting time.

When the matrix has spoken, the plan is for the team to meet at Penclawdd (Graig-y-Coed playing fields) at 10:30 for an 11:00 kick off. Directions here.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jersey Teaser

Think Stade Francais...

The new jersey will be unveiled at training down Underhill Park tomorrow. 4:30 as usual.

As most of the boys are finding their old jerseys a bit tight, we would really appreciate it if you could recycle your old jersey into the club. The 7s have about half a squad worth in the old style and are swapping jerseys at half time of matches. The 8s also play in these style jerseys and are short of a few for new players. If we pool our old ones, then these teams won't need to pay for a set of the (expensive) old style replacements. If you can, bring your jersey to training this week or next week. Mike or Dan will collect them in. We also have some new socks, and any (good condition!) smaller socks can also be recycled.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

From our foreign correspondent in El Les Que Ven
Mikalodious Morganopolous

19th October 2008 Match report
Final score: Skewen 1 Mumbles 9

The late withdrawal of Ben Hynes due to excessive vinegar on his bolognaise and chips after watching the Ospreys ( who grassed him up?) tested the matrix to its true working capacity and also enabled the team mascot, Staffordshire bull terrier Floyd Morgan to a glimpse of Mrs Hynes in her nightdress at the unearthly hour of 8 am. After reprogramming all the specific data available, the admirable Rhys Davies stepped into the fold and enabled us to travel with the full complement of 12 players.

After watching the under 10's secure their Heineken Cup qualification by virtue of the number of tries scored, we eventually kicked off at 11:35 am.

Emphasis of the day was to ensure we worked as a team and that the success of this ethos would be the number of different names on the scoresheet and to work collectively to prevent the opposition from scoring. All players embraced this philosophy in the true Corinthian spirit and tries were scored by Max (4) Dom (2) Jack P, Tom G. Particularly satisfying for the team was the try scored by the ever improving and totally selfless Nathan - well done.

A big mention must also go to the commitment to the team and the endeavours of "TEAM SHUT OUT" consisting of Alex, Tom P, Connor, Keiran, Sam, Rhys D and Aled whose contribution to setting up the try scorers and their collective efforts and enthusiasm in a great defensive effort prevented the opposition from adding to their scores - high fives to all.

My thanks yet again goes to all parents and players of both sides who continue to support the players in a correct and appropriate manner both on and off the field.

Thanks also goes to Yvonne and Richard of the Skewen Junior Section who made us all feel very welcome and who also aim to instil the correct virtues in their players. Also the players of Skewen U9's are worthy of praise in the fact that despite playing better opposition on the day, they stuck at their task diligently and with good humour and a smile on their face. It is a fixture we look forward to honouring again in the future.

In summary, an excellent morning was had by all. The way in which the players gelled and played as a team under the principal command of the ever improving tactical genius that is Brett Jones, who rightfully ignored the rolling substitutions tactic employed last week, is a credit to all whose inputs have enabled this to happen.

Training 4:30 Wednesday

Editor's note: My thanks to the mighty Morganopolous, whose pen is mightier than the sword and good humour carries him to many a far flung outpost of the Welsh Rugby Empire. He will be pleased to know that following my fact finding mission to North Wales that I have secured him a fixture with Wrexham RFC. Gaynor will be pleased to hear there is no motorway at all between Swansea and this redoutable northern fortress. In the meantime the matrix works towards Penclawdd: anomalies to me as soon as possible (that is, who can't play this coming weekend)

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Team for Skewen

Matrix number //asoy87.88s.ooahcantona//

Jack P
Tom P
Tom G
Ben H

Non travelling reserves:
Lloyd, Tom L, Rhys D (they will be called if someone is not available)

Many thanks to Mike the Morgan for taking the team this weekend.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Skewen - early warning

Once the Matrix has spoken, we will have a squad to take up Skewen's invitation for a match next Sunday. They have a thriving junior section so it should be a great morning out.

It is a bit of a trek, but if we could aim to get there for about 10:00 they have promised an early kick off (10:30) so we'll be back in good time. The Mumbles 7s, 8, 9, 10, and 11s are going, so there should be plenty of opportunity for car share and lifts.

It takes about 25 minutes to get there from Mumbles. Directions to Skewen rugby club can be found by clicking here. The ground is at Tennant Park (SA10 6HU) on the way to Neath. I think the best way to is all the way along Oystermouth Road and cross the river turning up towards Llansamlet (A217). Carry on to Llansamlet and turn right onto the A48 (towards the M4). When you get to the roundabout for the M4, take the exit to Skewen (4th exit A4230), after about a mile, take a right turn into Christopher Road, take the second right into Coombes road and then straightish on towards Charles Street. The club and playing fields will be in front of you. The club website is here.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

South Gower 4 Crusaders 5

Report from our man in Sagauwa: Michael Morgan (aged 43 and half)

On a glorious morning, Mumbles u9 matrix code ///90pl88as6.22/// team were hosted by South Gower. Thanks to all the parents whose continued support is invaluable, and who ensured that all the players arrived on time and properly attired, therefore allowing a prompt 10:35 start. In total 11 players were involved, each of which was given equal game time over the two 14 minute halves.

In an evenly matched contest, both sides tried to play in the true spirit of the game, running, tackling and sometimes passing with great enthusiasm. Mumbles employed a rolling substitution tactic, which was superbly orchestrated by John "don't ask me onto countdown" Hynes. This strategy paid early dividends when Brett Jones was replaced as principal support to the team by the enigmatic Lyndon after 3 minutes.

After gifting South Gower with an early score, the boys regathered their focus and captain for the day Max Jones, showing no ill effects from the Exocet he took on Wednesday, ran in for the first of his two tries.

In a game of nip and tuck, South Gower replied in kind and matched us score for score. Further tries followed from Sam, who continues to impress, and two for Lloyd John, one of which was a barnstorming bust through from fully 3 metres, which once introduced to the vagaries of cider when he's 18 (Editor's note: is this when you first drank cider Mike?) will surely increase to 30 metres. For good measure he also scored the winning try in the tense final few minutes when the scores were locked at 4-4 and the draw appeared the fair and inevitable result.

In summary, it was an excellent morning's rugby where all Mumbles and South Gower players should be commended for the way in which they played the game and conducted themselves both on and off the field. Many thanks to South Gower for proving to be excellent hosts with a very supportive and appreciative crowd and an excellent line in healthy eating hot dogs.

My thanks goes to Rob Griffiths who coaches the South Gower U9 for the way he approaches the game and standards he expects from his and other players - it is a fixture we look forward to reciprocating down at Underhill later on in the season.

Remember training 4:30 Wednesday when we will continue to work on the things we do well, such as breaking through tackles, popping the ball out of contact, defending and also the things we need to improve on such as passing to a player in space or a better position than the ball carrier, as remember it is the team name on the scoreboard, not any one individuals. In today's game if we had got that part of the game right the winning margin may have been slightly different.

The girls' night out

I have had a call from Chutney's Curry House about a rowdy party on Friday night in their fine emporium.

It can't of course have been our team's mothers who were, by all accounts, very quiet and well behaved. A cracking turn out and a good time was had by all. The next trip has already been mooted, with ideas ranging from a trip to Oceania, a night away in Cardiff and a week away with the kids to Porthcawl Lido.

Thanks to Kay and Donna for organising the night out and to Gaynor for getting the brood down to the rugby club as well.

Bonymaen 2 v Crusaders 13

On a beautiful day on top of Bonymaen mountain, we played 8 a side game against a depleted Bony Under 9s.

This does not diminish the efforts of the boys who ran in 13 tries to 2.

The try scorers were Rhys C (4), Dom (2), Ben M. (2), Rhys D (2), Cian, Harry and one more to an unidentified player on our team (was it Dom?)

The tackling was excellent and Jack, James and Alex were prominent in the tight. Aled passed and ran well again. Tom Park had a strong second half in the tight too.

Great team spirit and a lovely day all round.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Teams for the weekend

Here are the teams for the weekend. We have 11 boys in each team, so we need to know very quickly if there may be any reason for your son to not be available.

Bonymaen (away meet 10.30am for 11am kick off)
Rhys C
Ben M
Rhys D
James P
Jack P
Tom P

South Gower (away meet 10am for 10.30 ko)
Tom G
Ben H
Tom L

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Subs and Registration Due

All Players - please make sure you have completed the standing order form for the team subs. If you haven't got a form, ask one of the coaches. You can take the form directly to your bank. Or bring it to Mike down the park. Better still, if you have internet banking you can set it up at home using our details from the form.

New Players - please make sure you have filled in the Registration form. Return it to your coach asap.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wednesday and beyond

A busy week ahead!

1. Training

Training is due on Wednesday, but it might move to Thursday. It will be confirmed on the blog tomorrow evening.

2. Matrix 2

Having devised a player matrix that requires a electro magnetic hub the size of the Swansea Bay to energise, we are now construsting the Crusader hot phone matrix. In layman's terms this means on a wet Sunday, one call will trigger another and so on, like the beacons in Lord of the Rings. It won't require a hobbit to climb a watchtower and light the fire. Instead Mike G or myself will phone someone in the matrix who will then phone two to three others and the message will pass through the team like Brett's famous chilli.

If you have lost the will to live by this stage of this explanation, don't worry. Matrix 2 will be revealed soon.

3. Sunday's fixtures

This weekend, the Crusader matrix will split the team in two and send one to Bonymaen and one to South Gower. A fourth dimension to the matrix will be enacted because some people will have sons in U7s and U8s who will be doing the same! Don't panic. The hub is being warmed up by Mike Morgan who has plugged his rowing machine into the central power system to add the extra energy.

4. Girl's night out

Finally, the girls' night out is on Friday. No matrix needed here, nor electro magnetic hub and I am being very careful in what I say lest I receive more than a glancing blow from some hair straighteners.

Game off

Waterlogged pitches - see you Wednesday

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sunday arrangements v Fall Bay (home)

We have a home game this weekend against Fall Bay. They only have a small squad so after asking around at training on Wednesday we have decided on the following policy:

1. If we have a chance we will aim to play all the players if the other team has a big squad. In other words play as two teams. Alternatively, we play two teams on the same day (round robin).

2. Against smaller teams, like Fall Bay and Bonymaen, we will play a smaller squad of 11-12 players, with the other players training on the Sunday 9.30am. Selection will be based purely on rotation. Illnesses and injuries might make this a little bit difficult to get exactly right over the period say of a month, but over the longer term we would expect about equal playing time for each player.

3. Sometimes we might split the squad and play one team in one venue and another in another place. This might be difficult if there are illnesses, injuries or holidays. Finding other teams is also a problem, but we are on the case.

4. The rotation works through a matrix. We have matched players in groups of four. This means we should have a balanced team in every match. It will also mean that we won't have cliques of players.

Our overall philosphy is: play to learn, improve skills, be a team and enjoy our game. Winning is a good, losing is learning.

For this weekend there has been some illness. However I will endeavour to put up a squad in the next 24 hours and then we can go from there.

Key timings:
Meet 9.30 for all.
Training for all those not playing.
Kick off for those playing: 10.30am

A couple of final notes:
1. Please take plenty of pictures at the matches and then send them to Dan (
2. If anyone wants to take a video of the match, then please send it on to Lyndon who can "code" the game with his professional software and we can produce a DVD of the highlights.
3. If you want some specific targets or reminders for your son, then drop me a line. Sometimes it helps their focus on match days if they have a one or two thoughts on what they want to acheive and they can share them with you. We want to see individual develop and not just team development.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Crusaders 5 v Swansea Uplands 5

Our sixth game of the season saw a nail-biting draw against the very competitive Swansea Uplands.

Lyndon refereed superbly in the all action encounter and the final score was a good reflection of the possession and endeavour from both sides.

With only two players from the regular squad away, all 19 boys got at least 15 minutes of game time. This is going to be our policy in situations where we can guarantee good game time. For away fixtures against small squads, a more streamlined approach will be taken.

For the record, Max scored three tries and Rhys C two.

I am going to highlight several boys who played particularly well this week. They did at least one of the following:

1. Ran straight
2. Made significant tackles
3. Grappled hard in close quarters

Alex, Connor, Aled and Sam.

All the other boys made a very positive contribution.

We have some targets to look to. A new rule will be introduced on Wednesday to go with the other three.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Social calendar - reminders and additions

Some slight changes to the "The Girls Night Out" which is a couple of weeks on Friday.

Meet at the rugby club for 7.30pm before swapping your thick tred galoshers for Manolo's and tottering up to the Ocean Bar for 8.30pm. Then advance to Chutneys, for haute cuisine and curry.

And don't forget the Blue Wails, 9pm this Friday in the Rock and Fountain.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

10.30am kick off at home v Swansea Uplands

We are going for a 10.30am kick off against Swansea Uplands this Sunday. The whole squad will be involved in 3 x 10 minutes thirds.

Please ensure that the players wear blue shorts and hooped socks if they have them. We will meet at 10.00am on the day (remember parking will be limited).

Training at Underhill as normal on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Mike Morgan's homework of the week.

Pay attention, you will be tested on this on Wednesday. Your homework is to watch THIS FANTASTIC TRY ON YOUTUBE, scored by Leinster against the Ospreys on the weekend. Think about the importance of passing and straight running.

Note that the next match is at HOME on Sunday against Swansea Uplands (not away as previously advertised).

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Dunvant Challenge

Thanks, first, to Dunvant for squeezing us in to their fixture. The boys had a tough intro to full contact when they came up against a very strong Porthcawl side. The first half flew by, and so did the big Porthcawl players. A stirring half time team talk from Mike The Morgan, and the boys stepped it up for a closely fought second half. After watching Porthcawl dispatch Dunvant with a similar score, it looked like we were heading for a tight encounter with two evenly matched sides. It was Mumbles though, that had learnt the most lessons from the first game. The tackling never let Dunvant into the game and the ball retention improved dramatically as Mumbles opened up an early lead and continued to build on it all through the game. As you missed it Dan, check the video evidence. Tom L takes the ball ferociously into contact, retains possession. Mumbles recycle. Max looks for the open field. Numbers! Lloyd is there to cross in the corner. Text book stuff.

Calling All Rugby Mums

Calling All Rugby Mums...........

Do you fancy a night out in Mumbles ?

We are arranging a get together for the girls on FRIDAY 10th OCTOBER.
We will meet at OCEAN , Newton Road for drinks at 8 pm followed by a curry at CHUTNEYS.

Do come along - it'll be great to see you.
If you are able to make it, please see Kay Midha or Donna Marsden at training. Thanks.
NOTE FROM COACHES: Does this mean we are allowed a boys' night out?

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Shameless plug

Talented band performing at the Rock a week on Friday...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Details for Sunday 21st

This week we are playing all the boys who were down the park last week, plus a few others because we are now reverting to the normal 10 a-side games.

The Team for Dunvant is:

Ben H
Rhys Davies
Thomas P
Tom G
Tom L
Ben M

Training down Underhill Park

Rhys C

For Dunvant- meet at the Broadacre Ground at 10:45. (Directions below).

For training - meet Dan at Underhill park at 9:15 for a 9:30 start. You know how strict Dan is.

Directions to Dunvant

For directions to Dunvant RFC. Click here. Drive up through Sketty and onto Gower Road towards Killay. At Killay, take the right turn (at roundabout) onto Goetre Fawr Road, towards Dunvant on the B4296. Take the second left onto Broadmead, and the Broadacre Ground is at the end of the road.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Pontyberem Sevens Report

Ten boys travelled the 40 minutes or so over to Pontyberem to play in their Sevens tournament.

On a bright day, we faced two other teams in our group, the top teams going through into the Cup semi finals and the bottom team the Plate semi final.

Our first game was against Tumble. It was their first game of contact as well, so both sides didn't know what to expect. However seeing the son of the former Welsh International and Wales strongest man line up for the opposition was a little daunting. We decided not to tell the most worried mums that a child of Robin McBride was about to engaged in physical combat with their little darlings.

We lost the toss and Tumble tapped off. In a sweeping movement, the ball bypassed the McBride boy, but fell into the hands of their quick winger who cheerfully stepped his way through our boys to open the scoring with only a few seconds gone. Revenge was swift though. New self appointed coaching supremo Donna Marsden's Ben, took the tap and ran into level the scores. Both sides then discovered tackling and the game rattled on at a fair pace. Cameron Lewis sparked into life and Lloyd John began drive players back in the tackle. Some great support work, with Rhys Cottrell showing the way led to an eventual 6-5 victory. Cian Lewis was ever present around the ball and Harry Thomas took the ball forward vigrously. Rhys Davies got his knees up and when he ran forward, he was particularly dangerous. Having run into touch once he was warned by the coaches that he was walking home if he did that again. Dad Mike agreed immediately and this did the trick.

With Cian's dad, Adam, handing out ice packs as fast as Mike Morgan leaves a curry house, the team rested. Rest it seems means re-enacting wrestling moves, rolling in the mud and eventually disappearing into the woods. Meanwhile the parents discussed the finer points of the game. Max's dad, Brett won guess the weight of the coach and his prize is to cook a team chilli, without peppers. Kay Midha offered to do the washing up because apparently men make too much mess in the kitchen.

Suddenly it was time for the next game. With a quick warm up and huddle, the boys went onto face Pontyberem, who had earlier beaten Tumble. The first half effort was magnificent, because the boys refused to let a couple of early scores dampen their spirits. Aled Midha and Dom Marquis got themselves more involved in this game and with Max Jones' elusive running and solid tackling from Rhys C, we turned over the home side 5-4.

This meant a long wait until the semi-finals against Kidwelly. In the meantime Nick John, Lloyd's dad was able to exhibit his scrum half skills with the boys, before Ben's mum told the coaches exactly how the game should be played.

The team gathered for the game, by which time it was nearly 3.30pm. Kidwelly were, in the end, too strong on the ball for our boys. Ben scored in the first half and Max's two tries in the second half were not enough to prevent some good running and support play from Kidwelly. Only some excellent tackling from Rhys C again, Cameron and Lloyd prevented more tries. But, when you looked around at the end of the game, not one of the boys had not put their full effort into the game.

Reflecting on the day, all the players can be very proud of their achievements. And this comes back to the whole squad. We emphasised the importance of our core values and held it together until almost the final whistle. With Mike Morgan reporting a great session from the park, we have a lot to pleased about in terms of the way we want to play the game. Of course there is plenty to learn from the day. But not one player looked out of place and two or three boys achieved things on the field beyond their own expectations.

Of the tournament itself I would say it was well run and played in completely the right spirit. Perhaps one or two decisions did not go our way, but we reached where I think we deserved to be at the end of the tournament. Praise goes to our upbeat and positive parents as well: proud of their sons' efforts but also supportive of how we should behave.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Pontyberem Tournament Sunday 12th September 2008

The tournament is going ahead.

Pontyberem off Jn 48 of the M4:
At junction 48, exit toward Pontarddulais
Turn right at A4138/Pontardulais Rd
Turn left at B4306/Heol-y-parc
Turn right at A476/Heol Morlais
Slight left at B4306
Turn left at B4317/Heol Capel Ifan
Turn right at B4306/Heol y Parc

I am going from the Mumbles RFC car park at 9.15am, so if people want to meet there, and follow me (and my Sat Nav).

It is supposed to finish around 3.30pm with the first games at 11.00am.

We are in a group of 4 other teams, with the top two playing the winners of the top two of the other group. The bottom two teams in each group will play in a plate play off.

Please bring sufficient supplies for the day: food (I am not a fan of tuna by the way), drink, chairs, warm clothes...

Rhys Davies, Cian Lewis and Lloyd John will need to bring a proof of age as well, because the WRU have yet to return their cards.

The players not involved in the tournament have training in the park as normal at 9.30am.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fixtures before Christmas

05/10/08 HOME FALL BAY

Wednesday and Sunday

I am awaiting confirmation of timings for Sunday's tournament. It might well be off because of the weather. But we can take a squad of ten.

Provisionally, we are going have ten for the tournament and the rest for the game the next week (10 a side).

If the match is cancelled on Sunday, then a quick rethink is in order!

Pontyberem ten

Ben M.
Rhys C
Rhys D

Waun team (home)

Ben C
Ben H
Tom G
Tom L
Tom P

Training on Wednesday as normal (4.30pm), plus Sunday 9.15 for 9.30 start.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wednesday Training 4.30

Don't forget 4.30pm training today.

PLUS please remember to bring bank account details to training on Sunday.


Friday, 29 August 2008

Sunday Training Starts 9.30am

At Underhill Park as normal.

Next Wednesday we revert back to 4.30pm training in the park.

Dates for your diary:
Monday 1st September Boots and Kit Swap plus H Sports selling gear (new boots, skins, pads, helmets etc. at 20% off normal prices)

Thursday 11th September at 5.30pm warm up game v U10s. We will play their less experienced players. It will be a chance to play a proper game and get a feel for the new style of rugby.

Subject to confirmation, Sunday 14th September, a Sevens tournament at Pontyberem. We are only allowed a squad of ten, so if we do play, then those not involved that weekend will play against Waunurllyd the next weekend.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wednesday Training 10am start

At Underhill, 10am start.

Don't forget boot swap on Monday 1st 6.30pm down the club.

PS If anyone is willing to help out for 25 minutes or so on the night, please drop me a line.



Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sunday 24th August 9.30am training

There is training this Sunday at 9.30am for anyone who can make it.

The Cracker 7s is also happening on Sunday, so a busy day all round.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Wednesday Training 10am

To confirm that this week's training will be at Underhill Park at 10am.

It will last about an hour.

Friday, 25 July 2008

The team's strengths

Last year's strengths

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The new season

We are back!
The new season training starts on Wednesday 6th August at 4.30pm in Underhill Park.
The coaches will be:
Dan Cottrell
Lyndon Lewis
Mike Morgan

The team manager position is currently open, because whilst Mike Gravenor will be our secretary, he will also be working with the Under 7s.

Unless we have a volunteer, I prospose we operate a rota system for team manager for each week. The task is not onerous on the day. It is matter of ticking off attendees, ensuring we have a record of tries scored and noting down any queries.

We will train throughout August on a Wednesday, with sometimes a morning session for a couple of hours.

The basic specification for August will be:
1. Teamship
2. Handling and footwork
3. A light introduction to contact work

At the end of August we will up the contact work:
1. Tackling
2. Ruck/maul
3. Passing before and out of contact

In September we will build towards our first games:
14th September - Ponyberem 7s (squad of 10)
21st September - Waunarlwydd

We will also have a midweek warm up game against the U10 "B" team.
From September onwards, we will train on a Sunday morning when we don't have a match.
We will retain a rotation policy, as we did for the past season. If we feel that one game requires a more robust team, then players will be rotated for the week after.
However if we think a player has lost his confidence or needs more time before he is "match ready", with consultation with the parents concerned, we will rest them.
In the next few weeks we will move to a new website, with our new moniker for the team.
In the meantime, I have produced end of season reports for all the boys, and we email them on request:

The subs will be collected via direct debit starting on the 1st September, and we will give you the forms to sign when we see you at training. The subs will be £3.50 a month for the whole year. It means that if your son decides mid-season to drop out, you can stop at that point.

On Monday 1st September at 6.30pm at the club we will be running a boot and shorts swap with the other teams. I have hopefully got H Sports to come along as well to sell on other rugby equipment at a discount price.

Finally on gum shields: we suggest that you sort out your son's own gum shield. The logistics of doing this centrally are cumbersome, especially with braces, missing teeth and other oral complexities. Here is a suggested place to get a fitted gum shield.

Denture Centre
10, Cygnet Close,
West Glamorgan
Tel: 01792 281397

The Mumbles Crusaders

Here is the new site.

All the information will be posted as normal.

Any comments of course gratefully received.