Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wednesday and beyond

A busy week ahead!

1. Training

Training is due on Wednesday, but it might move to Thursday. It will be confirmed on the blog tomorrow evening.

2. Matrix 2

Having devised a player matrix that requires a electro magnetic hub the size of the Swansea Bay to energise, we are now construsting the Crusader hot phone matrix. In layman's terms this means on a wet Sunday, one call will trigger another and so on, like the beacons in Lord of the Rings. It won't require a hobbit to climb a watchtower and light the fire. Instead Mike G or myself will phone someone in the matrix who will then phone two to three others and the message will pass through the team like Brett's famous chilli.

If you have lost the will to live by this stage of this explanation, don't worry. Matrix 2 will be revealed soon.

3. Sunday's fixtures

This weekend, the Crusader matrix will split the team in two and send one to Bonymaen and one to South Gower. A fourth dimension to the matrix will be enacted because some people will have sons in U7s and U8s who will be doing the same! Don't panic. The hub is being warmed up by Mike Morgan who has plugged his rowing machine into the central power system to add the extra energy.

4. Girl's night out

Finally, the girls' night out is on Friday. No matrix needed here, nor electro magnetic hub and I am being very careful in what I say lest I receive more than a glancing blow from some hair straighteners.

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