Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sunday 20th

All Blacks vs Barbarians Christmas match
Underhill Park

To give us the best chance of a game, we have moved the KO time to 11:30, when we hope the pitch will be soft enough. Please wrap up! All players should bring trainers as well as togs. If the ground is firm, trainers will be better. Rugby club (not cricket club) will be open for everyone afterwards.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Another cancellation - No Sunday Rugby

Both Swansea Uplands and Penlan have cancelled. All rugby off tomorrow.

Wee you Wednesday at the Astroturf.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Matches 29th Nov: Llanelli (home) Felionfoel (Away)

So far we are still on for home and away matches. But there will be pitch inspections over night so stay tuned to for news.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Loughor Match OFF

Beaten by the weather again sorry.

Astroturf on Wednesday at 4:30.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wednesday astroturf training

Training at Astroturf on Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30

Don't forget the Contenders Gig at the Rugby club next Saturday. Txt Mike G if you want tickets (07846 334962). Tickets also available on the night at £3 each. Bargain.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Contenders Gig at the Rugby Club

Don't miss a special appearance by The Contenders at Mumbles Rugby Club next Saturday (21st November). Tickets are £3 in advance or on the night. Mike Gravenor will be selling tickets at Bishopston this Sunday (and at the cricket club afterwards). The Contenders are sponsoring the u12s this year, and all proceeds will go to the new kit.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Teamer and dates

Getting to grips with the Teamer system and I hope people are finding it helpful.

Sorry about late night texts. Will send them off at a more reasonable hour!

Plus sorry I put in the wrong date in for Bonymaen...but thanks for everyone who turned up.

Here is the link for

Any problems getting in please email me.



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wednesday Astroturf Training

Wednesday training now moves to the astroturf. Ashleigh Road. 4:30 - 5:30

Remember it can get cold there when it gets dark so wrap up. 

If you haven't been before, drive up the middle of the Ashleigh road playing fields, towards the tennis club. Park in the big car park on the left and we are found in one of the top two astroturf pitches. 

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mumbles Crusaders 25 Penlan 12

In the absence of a game this morning, we resort to Mike's match report from last week for entertainment...

On a miserable Autumnal Morn, the Pirates of Penlan fully loaded their Man O' War, the HMS Keel-Joy, and took to the high seas in search of the fabled El Dorado of the Bishopston Volta. With Lyndon unable to undertake refereeing duties after sustaining an injured fetlock while River-Dancing to the onset of Llandoverys seventh try in their colossal win against Pontypool, Mike M was promptly elected to act as the Governor of the Whistle of Justice.
With 14 jolly Jack Tars to choose from, both sets of coaches elected to play a Catchweight contest of 12 a side with a cunning and continuous rolling substitution tactic. For the Crusaders, today's Cut-Throats (forwards) were - Zach, Max, Jack P, Alex, Cameron, Cian and Keiran, while the Cabin Boys consisted of Rhys C, Tom G, Tom L, Tom P, James P, Ben M and Nathan.
Act 1, Scene 1 promptly ensued, with both sides opting to play in a positive fashion, despite the worsening conditions. For the Crusaders, the ball was passed through the line on several occasions from first phase ball and, initially, the contest at the ruck area was dominated by the home team. With both sides committed to such a free flowing game, and with the Crusaders putting some good patterns of play together, the scoreboard soon started to tick over. With the elements in their favour, the Crusaders managed to score 4 tries during this period as a result of some good teamwork and a minimal error count, which, considering the conditions is to be applauded.
Act 2, Scene 2 however seems to have a recurring theme each week, and in true Osprey fashion, the home team stepped of the gas a little at times, and allowed our visitors to steal the treasure map that pointed the way to the try line. During this period, the Bold Buccaneers of the East managed to score two tries of their own, with the Crusaders only managing a solitary score. With the conditions worsening by the second, Scurvy, Frostbite and Hypothermia became a distinct possibility, yet both sets of players continued to defy the conditions and approach the contest in a truly cavalier style. However, at the end of the game, and with the Jolly Roger himself looking healthier than most players, it was befitting of the occasion that our visitors had the final score.

Well done to all players today who put on an exceptional display of rugby in what, at best, can be described as difficult conditions, and to all parents, supporters and coaches whose assistance, good humour and enthusiasm on days like today make it all worth while.

A final thank you to the excellent Penlan Pirates and their superb coaching team of Lee and Tony. I would also like to thank them for remembering to bring the omnipresent Dog Poo that seems to accompany them during this fixture. The offending item has now been carefully gift wrapped and presented for safe keeping to Joanne Ibrahim, and it now takes pride of place on her mantelpiece, next to a signed photograph of Bernie Winters and Schnorbitz.

Monday, 26 October 2009

training at 4pm

Training as usual on Wednesday and two games this Sunday.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

South Gower Report

Mumbles Crusaders 46 South Gower 36

With today's transport provided by the Latimer County Confiscated Blimp Dept, the Crusaders Balloon Odyssey finally came to ground on the Bishopston Grasslands for an 11 am kick off against the local chapter of the South Gower Gauchos. In total, 21 squad members emerged from their attic hideaways, leading the Coaches to employ the technically and kinaesthetically difficult 10/11 x (3p x 15) - 2ls rolling substitution strategy to ensure all players had equal game time. With Lyndon kindly offering to referee the game and generously providing Crunchie McFlurries all round in celebration of Llandovery's emphatic victory over Aberavon, the game commenced on schedule.

During the first of the three periods, the Crusaders players set about their task in hand with great enthusiasm, quickly scoring a succession of well worked tries and demonstrating a Spartan resilience in defence. Good game awareness was shown in most of the basic building blocks of the game, with tackles being made, rucks cleared out and passes being made and completed. This in turn led to an even distribution of tries as a result of this collective effort. Although South Gower were being clearly outplayed during this period, they refused to buckle and their defiance was rewarded with a try of their own towards the end of this period.

In the next period, the second 10/11 x (3p x 15) - 2ls team evidently thought the game was won, and as a consequence slightly lost their composure and appetite for the challenge, and although matching South Gower try for try, the negative vibes emerging from the players allowed the mystical psychological pendulum to swing in the favour of our visitors. Towards the end of the period, it was the Crusaders who were glad to hear the bell for some respite from the South Gower onslaught.

In the final 15 minute period, the two formulaic teams shared the duties of trying to stem the tide. However it was evident by this stage that the rot had set in, with Crusaders players standing off rucks, avoiding tackles and opting for the scenic route rather than the direct route with ball in hand. At times they appeared more concerned with the Squidwood / Patrick conundrum in episode 19,452 of SpongeBob Squarepants than facing down the pumped up local Banderols, who sensed a famous scalp in the waiting. During this temporary malaise, South Gower scored 4 unanswered tries to give them a one point lead with just two minutes left on the clock. With Mike M now reaching for the paraffin and matches to burn the goalposts down in commemoration of an infamous South Gower victory, the Crusaders rallied and scored two late, late tries to seal a narrow victory.

Well done to all players and supporters from both teams during todays game, and for Lyndon's superb refereeing. For the Crusaders there were far more positives in our performance than negatives, yet we still feel that sometimes a gentle bit of constructive criticism can help all players improve during this stage of their rugby development. While it is nice to win, it is how you play and respond during the game that is still of paramount importance. Thanks to all parents for supporting this viewpoint during the post match analysis and "Honesty Session."

Congratulations to all attached to South Gower, and especially their excellent coaches Rob and Gareth. They are developing into a really useful outfit who gave us a real run for our money today, and if anyone thought that there was any gulf between the two teams, after today's exceptional display, they are clearly mistaken..

Monday, 19 October 2009

No training on Wednesday

Because there is one coach available and there is a schools tournament for a number of the boys, there is no training on Wednesday.

There is a fixture and training on Sunday for all the players.

More details to follow.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Match v Dunant

On our first rainy morning of rugy, 11 boys turned up early for training and worked very hard under the watchful eye of Mike Morgan. He was certainly impressed by the effort and application shown.

Another 11, plus a hasty subsitution of Keiran, took the field against Dunvant. They are an improving side, with big forwards and no lack of heart.

An early try by Rhys C, who dived over the wrong try line to start with, was soon wiped out by a Dunvant score. Captain Cam rallied the troops, fiercely tackling any schoolmate who came his way.

However good rucking lead to more pressure and another try. A couple of kick offs led to more good runs and the Crusaders turned around at half time comfortably in the lead.

Team talks galvanised troops and Dunvant were back in force. However, with Brad, Zach and Josh taking the ball forward, the Crusaders just had the edge. Rhys D went over, as did Zach and Brad.

Jack was skipping through gaps, Connor and Keiran wrestling in the contact area, Thomas P making tackles, Harry showing his good form of late and James Parker drove into their biggest player.

At the end Dunvant drove over for the final try, reward for their efforts.

For the record, despite plenty of advice from all quarters, we only made one of our conversions (well done Zach).

The Dunvant coaches (Kevin and Anthony) and team were excellent company and we wish them well for the rest of the season.

Training at 4.30pm at Underhill

Notifications sent out via that training is at 4.30pm at Underhill on Wednesday.

Match report to follow soon for Dunvant game.


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sunday morning

There is training for everyone at 10.00am (Bishopston), followed by a game for 12 versus Dunvant and the rest to play a small-sided game.

By the end of today's training/game everyone will have played the same amount of games.

Everyone will play the next week against South Gower.

After the match they are hotdogs etc. at the cricket club, and it would be great to see as many of the players there as possible.

You should have received a text via Please reply with Y or N. The cost is your standard network charge. (PS It is free to reply via the email notification)


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Loughor match

Loughor 28 Mumbles 0

The Crusaders travelled over to Loughor for an evening game.

Loughor, who have just reformed this season, were ready to avenge a defeat on the weekend and the Mumbles boys were a little shell shocked by the onslaught.

It won't go down as one of the great spectacles of running rugby, with some confusing passages of play. The Crusaders looked a little disjointed and lost their own momentum quite early on. Loughor drove forward well and went over two close range tries in the first half.

In the second half saw a good break from the Loughor 10 for an individual try. The second try was scored as the boys remonstrated with the referee about an injury. A lesson learned there we hope: play the whistle.

Overall, Loughor were stronger at the breakdown and more determined going forward.

There were some positives though with good tackling from a number of the team. But too many dropped balls and indecisive work in the rucks made progress heavy going.

We would like to thank Loughor for a good fixture though and look forward to seeing them in November. Well done on reforming.

All the boys will train on Sunday morning at Bishopston (look forward to a hard session) at 10.00am and then 12 boys will be nominated to play against Dunvant (a matrix team).

Things have moved up a notch now...

PS: Can you make sure you have replied to the requests.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Loughor update

The game will be at:
Penyrheol Comprehensive School pitches.
Head to Gorseinon, get on the B4296 and then turn left. (SA4 4FG)
Park at the top of Frampton Road and walk down the steps to the pitches.
Please get there for 5pm and we will get going as soon as possible.

There will not be any training for the other boys because a number of players are away on Wednesday in school matches.

Training and game on Sunday at Bishopston.

We have now confirmed a fixture with Felinfoel on 29th November, meaning that we now have a full card until mid December.

We are working on a number of other options as well.

New shirts should be here soon as well (plus socks).

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Match report from Neath Athletic game

(From the nimble fingers of Mike Morgan)

Sunday 4th October 2009

Neath Athletic 24 Mumbles Crusaders 49

For today's game, the good ship Crusaders set sail for the uncharted territories of the Eastern Archipelago that is Castell Nedd Sur le Mer. With spirits high after a good start to the season and with Lyndon L and Mike M entrusted with the magical magnetic GPS stones and safely avoiding the wrath of the local emperor and his marauding elephants, we arrived at Cwrt Herbert at 10:30 for an 11.00 start. With the players now being given distinctive roles in training and games (Film Stars = Backs, Murderers = Forwards), today's Hollywood's were Nathan, Max, Bradley, Zach and Sam while today's Assassins were Keiran, Lloyd, Cian Cameron, Mathew and Connor.

Set against the tranquil backdrop of the Dwr - Y - Felin Ivory Towers of Academia, the Crusaders soon got into their rhythm with a distinctive improvement in most facets of play. Particularly effective was the work at the breakdown with all players who arrived early clearing out past the ball and leaving the egg on a plate for the tradesman players. With good clean ball the Mumbles were able to up the pace to ramming speed and play some good continuous rugby. The pace and intensity in which Mumbles played this period resulted in a half time score of 28 - 7 with the Athletic scoring in the last passage of play.

After a morale sapping half time talk from rugby Svengali Lyndon and the Synergy boosting Orange segments courtesy of Jason C, the second period took much the same shape as the first whereby:

"the synchronicity and symbiotic relationship between forwards and backs became totally harmonised" ( Citation - "You to Can Become an Ospreys Coach"
2009 edition Penguin Books Page 3)

This approach led to Mumbles scoring some fantastic tries and although Adam and his Abacus almost reached meltdown keeping tabs on this, the indomitable players from Neath refused to lie down and proved more than a match for the invigorated Mumbles players, matching them blow for blow during this period. Yet again it was pleasing to see all the players on show play within the true spirit of the game and distribute the ball effectively which resulted in a number of different try scorers and goal kickers from both teams.

However, the final scoreline in no way does full justice to the massive and magnificent effort of the good people of Neath Athletic who were short of a number of players due to illness. Our thanks goes to all their players for giving us a thorough workout and their excellent coaches Carl and Dai. Yet again it is a fixture we look forward to honouring in the future.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Game off Saturday, game on Sunday, Wednesday


Unfortunately Llandovery have pulled out of Saturday's game. Lyndon apologises for this, especially since the club chairman rang him on Sunday to confirm the fixture. It is very disappointing, but at least we have a game on Sunday at Neath Athletic, and a game against Loughor on Wednesday.

Here are the two teams:

At Neath (meet at Neath Athletic at 10.30am...Neath Sports Centre, Neath Abbey Rd, SA10 7DF)

Tom P

Sam H

At Loughor (meet at Loughor at 5pm on Wednesday)

Rhys D
James P

Rhys C
Tom G
Ben M
Tom L

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Busy week ahead

Lyndon has organised a fixture on Saturday against Llandovery at half time during the Premiership match between Llandovery and Swansea (at Llandovery). On Wednesday we will need to know who is available for that day. The game will finish on a pitch on the side, so it will be a full game. I know the football boys won't be available on that day.

However there is also a fixture on Sunday, against Neath Athletic (away).

PLUS, we are aiming to play Loughor at Loughor on Wednesday evening (7th).

Please make sure you confirm which games you (your son) is available for at Wednesday training, or my email/text if you can't make Wednesday.
Note training is back to 4.30pm.


Friday, 25 September 2009

South Gower Report

Well done to all the parents for picking up the late change of plans. The Crusaders jungle drums are in full working order.

It's disappointment for those expecting Mike Morgan's lavish match report. Mike's typewriter ribbon has broken so we only have his potted version channeled through Mike G, who wasn't even there. Here's the gist...

First up, thanks to South Gower for the invite. With big squads it is fantastic to have our neighbours ready and willing to provide competition, and a great welcome, at a moments notice. And thanks to Brian for taking the dreaded whistle. Mumbles employed the squad system to the full, and in the first game a full new set of players stepped in from last week to take on the greatly improved south gowerians. All the more pleasing to see the boys take a narrow 19-12 win. After the customary mid Sunday morning delay, the second game that followed ended in a tough 14-14 draw. All boys contributed and both games were played in tremendous spirit.

For this week: Unfortunately, Cefneithen have had to drop out on Wednesday. So training as usual that night.

However, we might have had a piece of good news because not only have Loughor reformed their U10s team, they might be free next Sunday. If they confirm we will have two fixtures again.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Match v Briton Ferry

We welcomed Briton Ferry to Bishopston on Sunday 20th September. With Penclawdd dropping out during the week, it meant only half the squad played with the rest going over to Llandovery next week (subject to confirmation). With currently a lack of U10 teams in the district (no Waun, Vadre, Lougher, Tonmawr and now Penclawdd) we are going to be on the road a little more this year.

So it was excellent that BF made the trip over river to West Swansea. They also came with a strong record.

It was a very even game, with conversions introduced for the first time for Mumbles. Five volunteers put their names forward for conversions on a rotational basis. Kicking with parents and supporters only yards away must have been quite a nerve jangling experience.

The first half saw Max make two scintillating runs to score and a Rhys C interception score. Keiran converted one of these tries. BF replied with a well worked try down the left hand touchline. BF warmed to the task by the end of the first half and were held out on the Mumbles line as the whistle went for half time.

The second half was what Sean Holley might call "an arm wrestle". Spirits ran high and little quarter was given in the contact area. Eventually BF squeezed over for a try which was unconverted, leaving the scores at 17-10.

More pressure on the Mumbles line was averted. Then, from a turnover near the Mumbles try line, with good work from the forwards, Tom G threw a long pass out to Tom L who linked with Lloyd who finally popped to Rhys C to finish off in the corner. Rhys C converted.

Mumbles weathered numerous BF attacks, before with the final play of the game, BF barrelled over the line with a short charge and the score finished 24-17.

A score apart probably reflected the closeness of the game in the end.

The forwards played a vital part in rucking and mauling: Cian and Aled dogged in the middle, Rhys D making some crucial tackles in the open, Keiran and Cam strong around the fringes, with Lloyd making his characteristic forward charges.

Nathan was more half forward than half back at scrum half. Max ate up the ground going forward, Tom G, Ben and Tom L made crucial breaks and tackles, and Rhys C made some key interventions in open field.

Overall it was a fine team performance.

We would like to thank Mark and his coaching team for making the trip over and their generous praise at the end of the game. It was a very tight match and their team never gave up, driving through to last whistle.

Unfortunately, because of the Penclawdd fixture being pretty much cancelled over all the age groups, the catering facility was put on hold this week. A little embarassing for us, but we hope this will be up and running for the next game.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Forthcoming matches and training

A bit hectic at Matrix Central, so here is an update.

1. Penclawwd cannot raise a side this weekend.
2. Vadre don't run a U10s team, so are not able to play next weekend.
3. The U11s and U9s are going on tour on 4th October to a tournament, but there was no spots available for us.

After a number of calls and rearranging, we have managed to sort out the following:

Therefore we have arranged the following:
20th Briton Ferry (h) game for 12 players, but no training for others.
27th Llandovery (a) game for the other players, plus Cam and Keiran, because their dads are going, and no training for the others. (This fixture to be confirmed)
30th Cefneithin (a) evening game against one of Lyndon's colleagues team's, near Cross Hands. (Training as normal for the other players not involved)
4th Oct, Neath Athletic (a) (perhaps two teams involved)
11th Oct, Dunvant (h) one team and training for everyone else
18th Oct, South Gower (h) normally two teams.

So by the 18th everyone should have had about equal playing time, though not necessarily over a two week period. We are constantly asessing the strength of the opposition teams so we are competitive and still balancing out playing time.

Extra shirts and shorts should be with us by the first week in October.

Team for Sunday (10.30am meet):


Rhys D

Rhys C
Tom G
Tom L
Ben M.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

International Ticket Information

All parents of registered Mumbles Junior Players enjoy 'Family Membership' of the club. This entitles you to, amongst other things, apply for International Tickets from the club's allocation. The procedure is simple. The club buys tickets in advance (around August for the Autumn Internationals and a bit later for the 6 Nations). If you want to buy a ticket, you must write your name and "Under 10s" (or whatever junior team you are involved with) and your phone number on the list that is put up on the message board wall of the downstairs bar in the clubhouse. The message board is found on the wall just facing the bar itself (in between the main room and the small adjoining room on the left). There is a list for each match. If the game is not over subscribed, you will then be allocated a ticket and can pay for it at the bar. If the list is over subscribed you will be entered in a lottery.

From recent experience, many Autumn International tickets are not highly subscribed so you would stand a very good chance of getting one. For the 6 nations of course there is much more demand.

Lists are up NOW for New Zealand (7th November), Australia (28th November) and Argentina (21st November, the cheaper option this Autumn).

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Games v Morriston and Aberavon Greenstars

Sunday saw the Crusaders play their first games for the season with lineouts and scrums. With four debutants and one returnee, it was a busy and sometimes confusing day.

First, we must thank Morriston and Greenstars for their flexible, friendly approach. The coaching staff were positive, helpful and I think that we had some close and hard fought games. There was never much in the games and I think all the sides can say there were plenty of positives.

We played one Morriston side and two Greenstar sides, with two games for each of our mixed teams. Though overall we might have had the edge in terms of tries, it would have been difficult to split the teams.

Areas we can be particularly pleased with:
1. New boys getting stuck in.
2. More passing than last season already.
3. A greater number of players willing to tackle.
4. Several boys finding more defined roles to their benefit.

Areas we can look for improvements:
1. Passing earlier.
2. Supporting the ball carrier.

Training on Wednesday: 4.30pm to 5.45pm at Underhill.
Game(s) this weekend v Penclawdd and Briton Ferry (tbc).

Friday, 11 September 2009

Sunday 9.30am meet

Just to confirm we are at Bishopston School for 9.30am.

We have split the squad into two matrix teams, with a roughly even balance of players we think.

Each team has a couple of the new guys. They can as much part as they feel comfortable with and we will keep a very close eye of their progress in the games.

We have two fixtures the week after. We need all the players available again though I know that a number of the boys will be involved in the Swansea Football festival. I need to confirm numbers as soon as possible.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Training on Wednesday 4.30pm, matches on Sunday

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the park on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

We have provisionally put together two squads for the games against Morriston and Aberavon Green Stars. Kick offs likely to be from 10am.

The games will be at BISHOPSTON.

EDIT: We will NOT be going to the cricket club after the games. (There is a christening on and I don't think they would welcome several dozen sets of muddy boys gatecrashing their happy day). As there are no facilities for food after the game, and because the weather forecast is good, parents are welcome to bring snacks for a picnic after the matches.

In preparation for Sunday, can everyone ensure that they have BLACK/NAVY shorts. Mumbles socks a bonus.

We have reordered shirts for those who are new or need a larger size. Otherwise it will be a bit of mix and matching on Sunday.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sunday training at 9.30am

Please be prompt because there is a football day taking up the whole park from 10am. I am not exactly sure where on the pitches we will train, but I am sure we will find a corner to work in at the very least.

Any of the Mumbles Rangers boys are welcome to come to first half of the training before going onto the football. Indeed the football day is open anyone, so those playing rugby can wander over if they want.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday 2nd September TRAINING OFF

Pitches are soaking, so training off.

Please note training is 9.30am on Sunday. All the other teams have a fixture against Skewen so we need to get into the car park early!


Friday, 28 August 2009

Sunday training at 9.30am

Please note that we are training half an hour earlier than normal due to the Cracker Sevens being on at midday.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Training on this Wednesday and this Sunday

August 19th Wednsday 6pm in the park

August 23rd Sunday 10am in the park

Monday, 10 August 2009

Training this Wednesday 12 August

Training starts back for any boys available this Wednesday at Underhill Park at 6pm.

Plus, for any boys around on Sunday morning, there will be another practice at 10am.

Dan, Mike, Lyndon

Friday, 17 July 2009

Girls Night Out! Next Friday

Mike and Lyndon might be enjoying their rest - but the girls keep going

Friday 24th July

Meet at CJs in Mumbles at 8:00 for a bite to eat and then up to Cafe Valance

Please let Donna know if you can come, so she can book numbers for the restaurant (email or text 07776233325)

And if you can't wait until then, get over to the Rock and Fountain in Newton tonight (Friday 17th) to see Dan strut his stuff with the Blue Wails

Monday, 13 July 2009

Well earned rest

Mike and Lyndon are taking a well earned rest from the multi sports programme.

Training will resume in mid-August. Watch the blog for updates.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Up and coming Events: Girl's Night Out

In addition to Mike and Lyndon's skimpy speedo sesions on Wednesdays there is more life in the season yet. The Girls are eager for a night out, and the date has been set for Friday 24th July. More details to follow.

See you at clubhouse tomorrow for the Presentation evening.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thursday 9th July

Don't forget the PRESENTATION NIGHT TOMORROW (Thursday 9th July). At the rugby club, at 6.30pm please. Look forward to seeing you all there. Please tell everyone who might be at your school as well.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Wednesday TENNIS at Bishopston

This Wednesday Mike M has booked some tennis courts at Bishopston Sports Centre for 6pm. If you have a tennis gear, then bring it, but there will be equipment available. Plus, please bring along a £1 as well.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Multisports on Wednesday at BISHOPSTON 6 till 7

This Wednesday (1st July). Meet at Bishopston Leisure Centre (at the School) at 6pm for multisports.

Please bring a Tennis Racket and £1 for the court costs.

Friday, 5 June 2009

MONDAY Multi sports

Day changed during the Lions tour. Now on Mondays at 6pm


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Indoor training planned for Vue cinema

Due to the unfeasible weather conditions, chief multi sports guru Lyndon has suggested indoor training at Vue cinema, with 10.50am film of Night at the Museum (2 if there could be a second!)

See you there or at Underhill at 10 to tell you where we are going!


Friday, 22 May 2009

Wednesday 27th May 10am Underhill

Multi sports continues, with a 10am meet at the park on Wednesday.

So far about 8-10 boys have turned up each week.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Summer Wednesdays: 6 till 7.

Wednesday training will, starting tomorrow, be moved to a 6'o clock start.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Richmond Report

The waiting is over. We now present Mike of the Morgans' final end of term report. This is the Director's cut; the full, all singing all dancing unexpurgated version, in glorious video enhanced technicolour.

Saturday May 2nd 2009

Mumbles Crusaders 8 Richmond Tea Biscuits and Old Spiceonians 4

On a glorious Bank Holiday weekend, the Mumbles Junior Section welcomed our distinguished guests from the leafy suburbs, Richmond RFC to sample Welsh Hospitality and the opportunity to see the how these funny little people can survive on an income of less than £400k per annum. As reigning South Eastern Shiny School Shoes and Half Windsor Tie Knot champions for the last four seasons, we were fully aware of the challenge their formidable squad would bring to our humble abode. In the absence of Dan, Mike G undertook the role of Important Person for the day with relish and was entrusted with the keys to the ever Mystical Matrix Machine. With a squad of 21 to select from and with the game being split into 4 x 10 minute periods, Mike G entered a formulae more complex than the launch code for Air Force 1 to enable all players to participate with equal game time.

After familiarising the Richmond coaches with the cross border rule variations that forbids Scrums, Lineout's, Drinking Pimms and Touchline calls such as "Scrag the Blighter" or "Come on Richers, Spin the Leather", the game began with both sides fully committed to adjusting to each others style and interpretations of play. A high tempo game ensued with both sides willing and able to spread the ball at all times displaying a level of skill and ball retention that is to be applauded. At all times during the game the players from both sides conducted themselves in an exemplary manner showing great levels of respect and sportsmanship towards their fellow players and the referee. However, as the game entered its fourth quarter, the squad of 14 players from Richmond began to tire and their players began to feel the effects of the larger squad numbers Mumbles had at their disposal. Nevertheless, with the final play of the game, and with referee for the day Mike M now sweating like a Mexican Butcher, it was in keeping with the Entente Cordiale and conviviality of the day of the that Richmond scored the final try of the game. For Mumbles it was pleasing to see the boys react to different opposition and their styles of play and also to see their commitment to the breakdown and in contesting for the ball on the floor, a feature of our game that has improved noticeably in the last few weeks. Yet again, there was a number of try scorers on the scoreboard at the close of play which also indicates that the teamwork and team ethic is also starting to pay dividends. I think all those present today would agree that it was a success both on and off the field.

Our thanks goes to the supporters and players from Richmond, especially to the coaches Sean and Jeremy who were totally gracious in every respect towards the players and parents of the Mumbles Crusaders and whose belief in the values that can be instilled through Rugby is to be fully commended. I am sure that this is a fixture and event that will be built upon in future years - Well done to all on show today.

As a final gesture of goodwill on the day, the Chaps from Richmond treated us to verses 1, 3 and 7 of their team song Macdonaldus Senex Fundum Habuit. Which was sung very loudly and with considerable gusto. Our Boyos then responded with a song of their own that entailed imaginative positioning of a Sweet Chariot.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


The season ended in style this morning. Great play by the Crusaders, lovely visitors. Special thanks to the Mums for outstanding BBQ duties.

Don't forget the Yacht Club Parents Night Out Tomorrow. 8:00 Salt Bar. 8:30 Yacht Club,

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Parents Night Out and Richmond

This Sunday, the Crusaders parents are having their big night out. Meet at the Salt Bar at 8:00 then it is on to the Yacht club for a night of Pub Rock with The Contenders. I think there's going to be a good turn out for this - so not to be missed.

Don't forget Richmond RFC are visiting on Saturday. Meet at 10:30 Underhill for a 11:00 kick off. This is a big event with for the junior section, with BBQ and drinks (tea, coffee, Strongbow) available during and after. All help with raffle and selling food and drink etc. will be greatly appreciated. Richmond are bringing down a very big contingent so we must give them a great welcome and keep them well fed and watered and looked after.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Delighted, proud and looking forward to next year

Team Crusaders should be extremely proud of what they achieved today.

Everyone played equal time.

We didn't lose.

A number of players played their best ever games of rugby, in their lives.

We scored some great tries.

We made some amazing tackles.

I could easily pick out four or five players for a special mention, but then I could do that every week, and the great thing is, it would be a different set of players.

In the end, the boys' behaviour, positive attitude and team spirit was outstanding. The two Mikes, Lyndon and I are honoured to work with this group and hence we are looking forward to next season.

One more game to go, so training on Wednesday at 4.30pm and everyone is required for SATURDAY in the morning against Richmond.

And finally, many thanks to Penclawdd for an excellent tournament, and well done to Swansea Uplands on winning the cup this year.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

9.30 meet please

At Penclawdd on Sunday. See you then!


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Some notes to read

Training is on Wednesday at 4.30pm in the park.

If anyone has any photos or footage from this season, could they send it over to me at dan4rugby at the yahoo account which (anti spam attempt there!)

And finally, ALL the players are invited to the Penclawdd tournament. Having spoken to South Gower, Swansea Ups and Penclawdd, they are happy with having more than 18 there.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Luctonians Tournament

Played four, drew two, lost two at the tournament today. Everyone got about equal time (I think), so it was good to see good rugby and enjoy the sunshine.

Looking forward to seeing a few pictures, which will be posted in due course.

Training on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Champagne breakfast anyone? Luctonians in the April Sun

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Luctonians Details

When: Sunday 19th April
What time: Meet at rugby club 06:30. Journey time 2 hours plus stops. Expect to arrive back by 20:00.
How much: £20 per player to be paid now. Pay Donna Marsden on Wednesday training or Sunday mornings. Includes up to 2 accompanying supporters. Supporters only will also need to pay £3:50 entry each to enter the tournament on the day.
Food: Bring plenty of supplies, packed lunch etc. Coach will make a short stop on both journeys.

Lucton Squad:
Ben Marsden       Rhys Cottrell
Cian Lewis           Keiran Morgan
Nathan Cartright   Liam Saunders
Tom Gravenor       Aled Midha
Dominic Marquis     Alex Ibrahim
Lloyd John             Ben Hinds
Connor Watson       Tom Langford
Rhys Davies         Cameron Lewis

If traveling separately, registration for tournament is 9:00. Tournament starts at 10:00. Directions to the Luctonians ground can be found here.

Lastly, we do have a reserve list, so if you have a change of plan and cannot make the tour, please let us know asap.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Well done and thanks

Thanks go to everyone involved in the DVD shoot today.

First to Mike M. and Lyndon whose support meant the boys not directly involved were still training.

Second to Grange School for the use of the facilities.

And last and not least to the boys and the parents for their good humour and efforts.

Apart from being able to shoot a video it was lovely to see the boys together enjoying each other's company.


Monday, 13 April 2009

Match v South Gower

Here is the report from the South Gower.

South Gower 2 Mumbles Crusaders 9

On a glorious Easter Sunday the Crusaders Roadshow and its Eastertime Extravaganza made the short trip to Pwll Du Lane for the final test in their Triangular Series against our nearest rivals South Gower.

With the matrix machine cunningly avoiding the elementary schoolboy blunder that befell Police Chief Bob Quick earlier in the week, the team for today was not posted on the blog for the all seeing paparazzi and was, up until kick off, a closely guarded secret.

For today's game, the 11 players on parade were Rhys D, Rhys C, Ben M, Cameron, Lloyd, Dom, Jack P, Tom P, Aled, Keiran and Cian. The responsibility of selecting a captain for the day was given to John "Voice of the Balls" Marsden who, after two attempts and plenty of encouragement, correctly identified the number 6 as being a random number between 1 and 11. Captain for the day was then bestowed upon Dominic.

With the pitch widened and lengthened to allow Mike M to referee and to safely comply with his regulatory minimal stopping distance, and with both sides able to use the 11 players at their disposal, the game was split into 3 x 10 minute periods.

A fantastic game of rugby ensued with both sides playing with a Gallic flair and abandonment that was befitting of the weather and the occasion. Both sides, with the encouragement of their coaches, treated their supporters to a rugby spectacle which was played with some real pace, width and vision. The game itself was played in an exemplary spirit from both sets of players and this is to the credit of all associated with these teams.

For the Mumbles it was particularly pleasing to see all the players make significant contributions whether it was with ball in hand or the nitty gritty "nuts and bolts" stuff that stops your opponents in their tracks, thus allowing for flowing movements and prolonged passages of play. It was also good to see the players gelling as a team and their game awareness increasing. This encouraged the players to give out the extra pass (even if it didn't always stick, this is still to be applauded) and to clear out at the breakdown rather than standing off or trying to put to many hands on the ball.

Try scorers today were Rhys C, Dominic, Lloyd, Jack P and Ben Marsden who probably had his best game for Mumbles. Yet again, Cameron, Keiran, Cian and Aled made their presence felt in all facets of the game, while Rhys D and Tom P played with great endeavour and made telling contributions in attack and defence - Well done to all for an outstanding performance.

Our thanks go Nils and Stuart and to the South Gower team who, despite being shorn of their regular coaches and a number of players agreed for this fixture to be honoured. Despite the seemingly top heavy final score this in no way reflects the efforts of the South Gower team who played their part in a magnificent game of rugby.

Luctonians Update

Despite the best efforts of Donna M and Kay M, apparently there is still some monies to be collected for this trip. Having sought legal advice, they have now sold on any outstanding finance to reputable debt recovery agency and harbingers of Inquisitional Law and Cuban Justice, namely Ratchett, Hatchett and Pincers. The current rate of interest lies somewhere between the inflationary economies of Zimbabwe and Uganda. Those who fail to part with the readies in due time for the trip may incur an unearthly hour visit from the partners in the firm, Everard Filchuss QC and "Big Ronnie" Grabbuss.

NOTE: No training Wednesday, lots of training on Thursday!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Game on - South Gower (away)

There is a match against South Gower on Sunday.

The matrix has whirred around and got slightly stuck because it can't remember who said they were not around on Sunday!

So please turn up at 10.30am one and all.


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

DVD players

Could the following boys be at Grange from 11.00am next Thursday:

Rhys C
Tom G
Jack P
Tom P
Ben M

And can the rest come from 1pm.

I hope this minimises the standing around and keeps the boys active.

Each boy will get a shirt on arrival, but should come with their Mumbles kit as well.


Monday, 6 April 2009

DVD Update

I am back from viewing the Paris summer collection of shorts and preparing for the DVD.

Here is a letter explaining what is happening. In short I will use about 10 players from 11-1 and then rest from then on, so we don't have too much hanging around. I have the shirts!

The first years of contact rugby DVD
Dear Parent
Your son is invited to take part in the making of a rugby coaching DVD that focuses on how to coach children in their first few years of contact rugby.

The film is being made by and I will be leading the coaching and your son will be filmed being coached.

The filming will take place at Grange School, West Cross on Thursday 16th April 2009. We are going to film in two sections, with ten boys for the first part and then the whole group for the second part. The first part will start at 11.00am and the second at 1 pm. I will write to you again stating which one to come for as I don’t want the boys waiting around for too long.
For all those boys taking part, I envisage we will finish around 4 pm, if not before.

The boys will receive a shirt and a copy of the DVD when it is produced. On the day they should come with their Mumbles kit and a packed lunch and plenty of drinks.

In terms of the day itself, it will be like a normal training session, just with a few more breaks. Because I am going to be fully involved in the filming itself, I cannot take full responsibility for each child. However we will be in a closed school environment. When your son arrives, I will check him in, take contact numbers and if you need to pop off, then I will be able to contact you (like a child’s party).

Overall we want to create a similar atmosphere to a normal training session, so you might even appear in the video yourselves!

Please feel free to drop me a line on any points.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Weekly Update

Training Sunday 5th 10:00 Underhill Park

Training on Wednesday 8th 10:00 at Underhill.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Girls Night Out: Postponed

We are looking for a better night to suit everyone, so this Saturday's evening out is postponed until after Easter. The Girl's will return...

Luctonians Tournament

The team for Luctonians is below. Remember that unfortunately we can only take 16 players. Those that are missing out are guaranteed places in the Penclawdd Tournament squad (26th April). If it is a successful trip, then we'll go again next year, so there are plenty of tournaments and trips ahead (including the start of next season) which will allow us to continue to rotate the squad and give everyone a taste of tournament action.

Ben Marsden       Rhys Cottrell
Cian Lewis           Keiran Morgan
Nathan Cartright   Liam Saunders
Tom Gravenor       Aled Midha
Dominic Marquis     Alex Ibrahim
Lloyd John             Ben Hinds
Sam Bramhall       Tom Langford
Rhys Davies         Cameron Lewis

When: Sunday 19th April
What time: Meet at rugby club 06:30. Journey time 2 hours plus stops. Expect to arrive back by 20:00.
How much: £20 per player to be paid now. Pay Donna Marsden on Wednesday training or Sunday mornings. Includes up to 2 accompanying supporters. Supporters only will also need to pay £3:50 entry each to enter the tournament on the day.
Food: Bring plenty of supplies, packed lunch etc. Coach will make a short stop on both journeys.

If traveling separately, registration for tournament is 9:00. Tournament starts at 10:00. Directions to the Luctonians ground can be found here.

Lastly, we do have a reserve list, so if you have a change of plan and cannot make the tour, please let us know asap.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fall Bay 4 Mumbles Crusaders 2

Against the backdrop to the dulcet tones of the signature tune from the film "Deliverance", the Crusaders Chagga Nagga Choo - Choo and its Swing Time Band Ensemble steamed its way majestically through the Trans-Gower Heartlands for our first Summertime Spectacular against the fearsome Fall Bay Bandits.

With the matrix formulae impervious to the virulent discrimination that pervades the royal rights of succession and operating in a manner of integrity that is more transparent than the Home Secretary's expenses allowance claim form , the role call of 15 good men and true for today's game of honour was - Lloyd, Ben M, Tom G, Tom L, Tom P, Jack P, Nathan, Alex, Aled, Cameron, Dom, Max, Keiran and Cian. Prince Regent elect and captain for the day was Harry.

Having won the ceremonial game of pass the parcel to determine who kicks off, and in ideal rugby conditions, the Crusaders elected to play down the slope. In an enthralling first period, possession and territory were equally shared as both sides attempted to gain an advantage both physically and tactically. After some rousing play from both teams, eventually the Crusaders broke the deadlock with a fine try finally scored from Tom G after some sterling work from all the team. Fall Bay then responded in positive fashion which eventually resulted in a deserved try. The first period continued at a frenetic pace with both sides eager to spread the ball and commit themselves to the breakdown and enter the physicality of the game with the Crusaders finishing the half appearing to have the better of their opponents.

The second period however saw a slight reversal of the Crusaders fortunes. With the bigger Fall Bay outfit taking full advantage of the slope, the magnificent efforts and level of intensity from all the Crusaders during the first period began to take its toll on our players and our opponents began to take the ascendancy in most facets of the game. Tackles and passes that were made during the first half were now not being fully completed and Fall Bay quickly ran in a further three tries. However in true style, the gallant Crusaders refused to bow down and be beaten and threw everything they had in the final two minutes and after several big tackles Dom eventually scored the final try of the game.

Our thanks go to the well drilled Fall Bay players and Coaching team who were deserved winners on the day and who provided us with one of the toughest, most physical and healthily competitive matches we are likely to experience in our domestic league.

A big well done to all the players on show today and to our committed bunch of supporters who continue to uphold the values of the Crusaders and whose belief in the squad ethos and support for one another on and off the field is without equal . Even though we were quietly disheartened by today's result, the one positive to come out of the glorious first day of Summer was the fact we were spared the ominous sight of Dan in his newly acquired Jean Paul Gaultier Spring / Summer Collection of Parisian fashion short Rugby shorts.

Training Wednesday 4.30

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fall Bay (away)

Here is the matrix group for the Fall Bay game.

Please meet there at 10.45am. (Remember to wrap up warm!)

Lloyd, Max, Sam, Jack P, Tom G, Tom L, Tom P, Cian, Alex, Aled, Dom, Ben M
Keiron, Cam , Nathan, Harry

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mum's night out (2)

A message from Donna Marsden:

Kay, Christine and I are organising another Mum's night out. Excuse is because Christine couldn't make the last one!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sunday and DVDs

No match on Sunday, but there is training at 10am.

We are going to go straight into a proper match. Any parents who can video the game would be most welcome plus it would be good to take lots of photos if possible.

Can anyone who has not confirmed that their son is available for the coaching DVD post easter please drop me a line:

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dunvant match

The team travelled over to Dunvant this morning. It was a sunny day, but still required a thick tread wellyboot. However sunglasses were dusted off and 13 boys took part in a slightly one-sided game against the weighty Dunvant team.

Cam captained, with Max, Rhys, Rhys, Ben, Ben, Tom, Tom, Jack, Dom, Connor, Sam and Harry. The eventual score was over 15 tries to about 3.

Everyone made telling contributions, but we were looking in particular for certain things this match: early passing, clearing out, ripping out of the maul, low tackles and strength on the ball. All the boys were given a target and each one managed to at least achieve their personal goals.

The Dunvant coaches, Kevin and Anthony, were very gracious and good hosts. Their team were big, strong but not as fleet of foot as the Crusaders, who found open spaces, created gaps and scored some excellent tries.

The defence was good, with three or four players particularly tackling everything that came their way and a couple of others making more tackles than normal.

Training is on Wednesday at Underhill at 4.30pm.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Dunvant away

Here is the team for the Dunvant game:

1. Rhys D. 2. Rhys C. 3. Ben H. 4. Cam 5. Tom L 6. Tom G 7. Tom P. 8. Jack P. 9. Connor 10. Sam 11. Ben M. 12. Harry 13. Max 14. Dom

Meet at Dunvant at 10.45am.

The rest of the boys are to train at Underhill at 10.00am with Mike Morgan.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tournaments - Still Some Availability Details Needed

Important information for some of our end of season plans. Please can you look at the dates. If you haven't contacted Mike G yet - please send him an e-mail with your availability.

We will play at the Luctonians Tournament in Ludlow on Sunday the 19th April and at the Penclawdd Tournament on Sunday 26th April. Both will be all day events.

Luctonians. The plan is to hire a coach. The coach will leave Mumbles at about 07:30. The trip to Ludlow is just under 2 hours (88 miles). The tournament will finish by about 5 so we won't get back until the evening. There's a long history of Mumbles trips to the tournament and it should be an adventure for the boys. The under 10s and under 11s will be going as well. Cost will depend on coach hire but we expect it to be £20 per player, which will include registration and coach travel for the player and up to 2 accompanying persons. Spectators also need to pay £3.50 entry to the Luctonians club at the tournament.

Penclawdd. Not so far to travel. But still a full day event, starting at 10:00 and finishing around 4:00.

For Luctonians, we are allowed to take up to 16 players. For Penclawdd we are allowed 18. So the first thing we need to know is your availability. Can you please e-mail Mike on to say whether you are able (and would like to) attend Luctonians, Penclawdd or BOTH. Ideally we will take everyone who is able to go to both tournaments. If we are over the limits, we'll make sure that everyone plays a big part in at least one tournament.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bonymaen on Sunday

Sorry for late cancellation today. We found out at 10:15 that Bonymaen couldn't raise a team, which wasn't very helpful.

The matrix has whirred into life again and produced the following heady mix of talent:

Meet 10.30am for 11am kick off at Underhill.

1. Rhys D.
2. Rhys C.
3. Ben H.
4. Cam
5. Tom L
6. Tom G
7. Tom P.
8. Jack P.
9. Connor
10. Sam
11. Ben M.
12. Harry

The rest are invited to train from 10am with Mike Morgan.

Please confirm your Luctonian availability as soon as possible.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Boys Night Out

Don't forget the Boys night out tommorrow. Meet at rugby club 7ish. Wales - France kick off at 8:00. Mike Morgan expelled from clubhouse 8:30. Mike rejoins party at Curry House by climbing in through the toilet window at 11:30.

Sunday: A fixture failed to materialise. So training for all the boys. 10:00 at Underhill.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Crusaders vs Penlan

(Mike Gravenor Picture Post): Lloyd in full flow and Tom Gravenor moves into close support as Liam steps back.

Match report for Penlan follows from Mike Morgan.

Editor's note: Mike has been given a word count of less than 10,000 words. He has got round this by using foreign expressions or sayings from the 19th century, which he says do not count.

Sunday 22/2/09

Penlan 4 Mumbles Crusaders 7

On a bright Sunday morning, the Crusaders 222 squadron and its troupe of aviatrical acrobats navigated a course through the Swansea's suburbian skyways for a tricky away fixture against the pride of Penlan. Having safely avoided the flock of migrating birds of paradise, the 222 squadron touched down on the notoriously tricky Windy City runway at Mynydd Newydd at 10.30 for an 11:00 kick off.

With the highly prized and much sought after matrix machine escaping the Machiavellian clutches of the barking mad Italian Rugby Selection Panel, the players on show today were: Dom, Tom G, Cameron, Lloyd, Aled, Liam, Keiran, Nathan, James P. The captain for the day, as selected by Master Oenologist and Pork Scratchings expert Nick John, was Alex.

Having welcomed back the winter in traditional Inuit style, and with Penlan only managing to raise 8 players for the game, the wide, open pitch and perfect playing surface enabled a fast and flowing game of rugby that was conducive to both sets of players and styles of rugby that are actively encouraged. In attack and defence the Crusaders contested for everything in a game superbly refereed by Birthday Boy Lyndon. For the Crusaders it was particularly pleasing to see some progression in terms of an increasing level of composure with the ball in hand amongst the players and a growing appreciation of the more complex laws of the game. Yet again all the players today made some telling contributions, with tries scored by Tom G, Lloyd, Dominic and it was pleasing to see Liam appear on the scoresheet again. Alex, who revelled in his role as captain did some excellent close contact work and clearouts at the breakdown. Equally eager to share in this workload were the industrious efforts of Keiran, Aled and Cameron. James P brought his own usual exuberance to the game and the distribution work and vision of Nathan was prevalent throughout.

Today's game proved to be a real evenly matched contest that in the long term will benefit all the players, and was played in an exemplary spirit whereby both sets of players and supporters should be commended for upholding the true Rugby virtues. Our thanks go to our generous hosts Penlan and to the coaches Tony and Lee for making our journey thoroughly enjoyable and for giving Mike M the new rugby experience of being asked to pick up a prize size dog poo whilst on the run and while one of their players scored in the corner where the well trained dog would have gone in the first instance. A special mention to the Penlan player of the Match Lauren who despite being better looking, having a greater IQ and wearing less fake tan than the average rugby player never looked for any preferential treatment from the Crusaders or her own team mates - well done to her.

In response to Kay Midha's concerns and mimicry that the boys have nothing planned for the Friday Nights Cultural Gunfight, we are actually being filmed for the fly on the wall documentary series "Come Dine with Me" whereby the Under 9 coaches plan to introduce the non Rugby cultured parents to the delights of the Post Midnight Curry House Rituals and Etiquette. Lyndon will be given the task of selecting the starters and ordering the Beer, Mike M is in charge of ordering more Beer and the Main Course, whilst Dan has to undertake the unsung hero role of creating a distraction while we all climb out the toilet window before paying and then has to convince the proprietors that he was nothing to do with us.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sunday 22nd at Penlan

Morriston game is off, but instead, through the serendipitous movements of the moons, Penlan were also without a fixture.

10.30am meet at Penlan.

The matrix team:

1.Tom G.
2. Alex
3. Harry
4. Connor
5. Rhys D
6. Lloyd
7. Nathan
8. Liam
9. Dom
10. Cam
11. Keiran
12. Tom L.
13. James P.
14. Aled

Note also that there is an update for the "nights out"
27th February: Boys, meet at Rugby Club 7ish. Dress: Sense. Weapon: Of choice. Please refer to the following links for further information:

6th March: The ladies. CJs restaurant for food at 8pm. Drinks after. Rumour of a trip to Wind Street post dinner.

Penclawdd report to follow.

Training on Wednesday's now in the park.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Penclawwd Tuesday meet at 6pm there

Same team as for the original game, I know about the players who are missing, who I was told about on Wednesday.

Any others drop me a line on 07717 578899.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Friday night OFF

I am sorry to say that both Gowerton and Llandovery are unable to supply teams for tomorrow night, so the game at St Helens is off.

We will try to get another game like this because it is good to support the local premiership side with which we have strong links .

In the pipeline, there is, weather dependent, a game against Penclawwd on Tuesday evening and then we will have training on Thursday morning at 10am.


Monday, 9 February 2009

Guess what - rained off!

Tuesday's game against Penclawdd, rearranged from Sunday has been called off. However we are hoping to play this game next Tuesday.

In the meantime, Wednesday's training is definitely on and remember to tell me about your son's availability for Friday. Thanks to all who have done so already.


Saturday, 7 February 2009


All matches at Underhill have been called off this weekend, and that means we are not allowed to train either. With the weather so cold and the chance of more snow we won't be looking for another venue, so a Sunday morning lie in for all.

We'll be back on Wednesday for what will be our last Astroturf session. We are also trying to re-arrange the Penclawdd match for Tuesday evening at Penclawdd (same matrix side). Please let Dan know if you can't make it on Tuesday.

Enjoy the 6 Nations opening weekend. The under 10s have arranged to watch the Scotland v Wales match at the cricket club tomorrow. Parents can watch the match in peace and the kids run around the field. Everyone is welcome to join them from 2:30 on Sunday.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Friday 13th

Through the good offices of Lyndon and Mike M, we have a good chance of playing at half time in the Swansea v Llandovery game next Friday night at St Helens. The aim is to have two games at the same time, so all the boys will be involved. Our opponents are yet to be confirmed, but we do need to confirm if everyone is available. It will be a TAG game (!)

Please can you email me to check off your son's availability (plus you can confirm anyone who is email shy!). Telling one of us in person is likely to be forgotten - we coaches can only carry so much information at one time.

Approximate timings: Main game kick off 7.15. Half time match 7.55pm. Meet at say 6.55pm. Kids in for free, parents etc. nominal amount.

Llandovery is the side that Lyndon coaches and Swansea is the side that Mike used to play for.

Don't forget to scroll down the page for the Penclawdd team.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Girls night out


A message from Kay and Donna:

Following the success of the first one, we are planning a night out on FRIDAY MARCH 6th.

Please see Kay or Donna at training if you're interested in going along - venue to be drinks in Mumbles or do we venture into town?

MESSAGE ENDS ++++++++++++

Picture placed by Dan of Mike Phillips

Match report for the Gowerton game

Our intrepid foreign correspondent has ventured forth once again from the Norton Metropolis into the wider world that is known as "beyond the Swansea borders". Some might think this is the Pizza Hut at Forestfach, but in fact Michael Morgan is in the tropical paradise of Gowerton.

This match report did not quite reach the Swansea University word count for submissions for a Doctorate in the biodiversity of the cuttlefish at Covelli's, but only by about 8 words.

February 1st 2009

Gowerton 4 Mumbles Crusaders 4

On a bitterly cold morning with the easterly wind doing its worst to make the wind chill factor particularly biting, the good ship Mumbles Crusaders arrived on schedule at 10.30 to play against our good friends and illustrious opponents from Gowerton.
With the kick off being delayed until 11.45 to allow the younger teams first dabs on the pitches, the matrix squad for the day sought refuge and warmth in the changing rooms for the inaugural Crusaders Buzz Challenge. Playing with multiples of 3's 4's and 5's a keenly fought competition ensued amongst the squad, with eventual winner Dominic beating Cameron on the number 28. With the so called dumbing down of educational standards at the forefront of government policy, Dominic was also awarded a GCSE B Grade by the Southern Examining Board for his efforts.

So to the game. The Matrix squad for today's game was Tom G, Dom, Liam, Ben H, James P, Aled, Cameron, Harry, Lloyd, Connor, Rhys D and Nathan. The honour of captain for the day was given to Keiran.

The game itself was split into 3 x 8 minutes periods with the pitch and cross winds providing little advantage to either team. In the first period it seemed that the excesses and intensity given to the pre match game of buzz had somewhat affected our players whereby a vastly improved and well organised Gowerton team took advantage of the Crusaders lackadaisical approach and stormed into a well deserved 4-1 interval lead, with the Crusaders appreciating the end of period whistle more than our opponents.
However, a rousing team talk by Rugby Raconteur Lyndon seemed to have the desired effect amongst the troops and they took to the field for the next period in far more a positive frame of mind. In the second period a re-energised Crusaders threw everything at their hosts and the little errors and apprehensions that where evident in the first period soon evaporated. With great enthusiasm and a collective team effort, the Crusaders absorbed some heavy punishment in attack and defence from the determined Gowerton players, and with no quarter asked or given and showing great physicallity at the breakdown and tackle area, came off this period trailing by 4-3

The third period continued in much the same vain as the second, with Gowerton going all out for the one try that would give them the win and the Crusaders desperately trying to get back on level terms. Fortunately through sheer grit and determination, the team managed to galvanise itself for a final flurry and salvage a richly deserved draw in one of the most entertaining, hugely competitive and good spirited games we have had all season.

For the Crusaders each one of the players stood up to be counted, especially when the easy option today was to throw in the towel when trailing by 4 scores to 1 - this really showed the inner steel of all the players today and in the squad. Today's game also shone the spotlight on some of our unsung heroes such as Liam, James P, Aled, Harry and Ben H all of whom made significant contributions to today's excellent performance. It is these players who tend to go unnoticed by all but the coaching staff and who are in our opinion arguably the most important cogs in the squad - well done to them.

Our thanks goes to a vastly improved Gowerton team and all our good friends from Gowerton, especially to Dai Treharne for his superb refereeing and ability to let the physicality of the game go to the boundary but never over it. It is always a pleasure to deal with true rugby gentlemen like Dai and his "underpants outside the trousers" sidekick Lyn.

On another issue, the tedious and protracted soap opera that is the search for a new coach for the Ospreys finally ended this week when Scott Johnson was given the role of Director of Rugby. While some in the game facetiously consider that in fact namesake Ulrika would have been a better choice, I have found three distinctive and uncanny comparables between the two, namely:-

1 - They are both renowned for a mop of long blond hair and their ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy
2 - They are both considered to be "one of the lads" and are hugely popular with the players in the changing room
3 - They both have a similar knowledge of the game of rugby and share in their ability to coach it
While this gives Mr Johnson the chance to prove he is a genuine Number 1 coach to many in the rugby fraternity he will always remain the quintessential Number 2 (rhyming slang and interpretations optional).

Penclawdd this weekend

Training as usual on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

This weekend a matrix team will take on Penclawdd at home with a 10.30am meet for 11.00am kick off. There will be training for the rest of the boys from 10.00am.

The team will be:

1. Alex
2. Max
3. Sam
4. James P
5. Connor
6. Tom P
7. Jack P
8. Ben M
9. Ben H
10. Rhys D
11. Cian
12. Nathan
13. Kieran

Training boys with Lyndon
Cam, Lloyd, Dom, Harry, Liam, Aled, Tom G

Monday, 2 February 2009

Some Admin...Please Check

I am finalising the team subscription records for this season (for the Crusader / Pirates / Wildcats who run a joint account) as most (but not all!!) the money is now in. There are two standing orders that I can't match to specific players. Both were set up in Oct/Nov. One under the name of Fitzgerald and one under the name Christopher. If you recognise these standing orders can you please e-mail me on and just confirm the name of the player for whom you are paying (and the team). Thanks for listening. When I have this info I'll finally be able to finish this year's admin, and hopefully next year will be alot easier. MIKE.

Also - any Green 6 Nations competition forms still out there please bring along to Astroturf on Wednesday (completed and with money if possible!)

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Gowerton away

Don't forget the team that were selected against Bryncoch are at Gowerton this week (10.30am meet). The others meet at 10am in the park for training (if they are brave enough!)


Sunday, 25 January 2009

This week and the weeks ahead

Another lovely day's training in the sunshine and some fantastic progress in terms of the players' development.

Training is on Wednesday at the Astro and then there is a match against Gowerton (away) on Sunday. All those players who were due to play against Bryncoch will play in this match. For the rest, there will be training at Underhill at 10am.

I know that the Social Committee is already in the latter stages of planning another "Girls' Night Out". In the meantime, there is a proposed Dad's night out to coincide with the France v Wales game which is on Friday 27th February. A full evening of entertainment is planned. Please drop me a line to confirm your availability.

Other events are in the pipeline with breaking news this week I hope on certain things.


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday training

Thanks to all those who were able to stick around for our trip to the castle.

It was a very positive training session and made Mike (M) and me realise that we had just as much fun training and playing against each other as playing in matches.

This week, training on the Astro at 4.30pm and then we will train at 10am on next Sunday morning as a whole group (subject to a surprise group fixture for U8-U11). It would nice to have a chat afterwards to get some feedback and talk through some of the ideas to the end of the season.

Here are some of the thoughts:
1. A day trip to Bath
2. Wine tasting evening
3. Boys night out
4. Another girls night out
5. Summer training


Friday, 16 January 2009

Bryncoch on Sunday

Lyndon has arranged for us to play against Bryncoch away on Sunday. (kick off approximately 11.20/11.30 am)

If we meet at Underhill car park at 10am then we can all go together. Otherwise, drop me a line to say if you are going direct. There will be training for everyone else at 10am.

Here is the matrix team:
Rhys D
Ben H

Basic directions:

At the Amazon roundabout, take the 1st exit onto B4290
Go through 1 roundabout
Turn right at A4230/New Rd
Turn left at Longford Rd
Turn right to stay on Longford Rd
Turn left at Dyffryn Rd
Turn right at Tyllwyd
Turn left at Farmers Rd
Continue on Tyllwyd
Destination will be on the right

The Memorial Recreational Ground
Tyllwyd Road
SA10 7DQ
TELEPHONE01792 812187

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Swansea Uplands 2 Crusaders 3

The Crusaders opened the new year with a hard fought victory at local rivals Swansea Uplands. We were glad to get any rugby with all the frost about. The pitch was a little boggy and the kick off was delayed by 20 minutes. However the boys were patient and Max captained the side.

We choose to play down hill in the first part of the game, split into two eight minutes, a five minutes and a final eight minutes at the end.

Some sturdy tackling kept the Uplands boys at bay, and then some good work in the tackle area led to Jack Park skipping through some tackles to run through for the first try.

We turned around in good spirits and again pressurised the Swansea Uplands line. They kicked out of the 22m (a little bit to our surprise!) and from a couple of good plays, one of their players went over in the corner.

The next five minutes was played downhill and Rhys dipped under a high tackle to squeeze over in the corner. The Uplands then pulled together some dogged drives, and despite a great last ditched tackle by Max, ran over to even up the scores.

The final quarter played uphill saw some of the best tackling of the season. Rhys scored his second try after a couple of passes with a final pass from Tom G. There was a little scare at the end when Max kicked outside of 22m area only to confuse some orange peelings for the 22m markings. Luckily all saw the funny side and we were able to play on.

Finally Max did kick out of the 22m, and excellent follow up work meant that the game finished in the Swansea Uplands half with the scores 3-2 to the visitors.

Everyone made a telling contribution and the tries were preceded by a number of passes and turnover work, showing the team effort required. The tackling was excellent, low and hard, and meaning we had an opportunity to compete for the ball on the ground.

Training is again at Ashley Road at 4.30pm. We will continue with the carousel of skills and game awareness.

We are not certain of whether we have secured a fixture for this weekend, but all the boys who didn't play this week will figure on Sunday in some form.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Swansea Uplands Away Match: GAME ON!

GAME ON. Just got confirmation from Uplands that the pitch is OK. See you there 10:30

If it is on, meet at 10.30am at Swansea Uplands RFC. Parking is notoriously bad.

Here is the matrix team:

Ben M
Jack P
Rhys C
Tom G
Tom L
Tom P

Non travelling reserves
Harry and Alex (we will ring on Saturday if you are needed...there is some sickness about!)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Training on Wednesday

Don't forget training at 4.30pm at the University on Wednesday.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Due to frozen pitch. Unfortunately there is no suitable spot for training either so everything is off. We'll be back in Astroturf training this Wednesday at 4:30 and for an away fixture with Swansea Uplands next Sunday.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Sunday v Penlan

In the hope that it will help with any early frost, Penlan will be coming down a bit later, so we are now meeting at 11.00am at UNDERHILL for a 11:30 kick off. Bishopston is currently out of action for repair work.

If the game is frozen off, Mike and Lyndon will still have some training, with touch rugby.

It is a matrix team, with a new matrix for 2009.

Tom G
Rhys D
Tom P
Jack P