Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Fall Bay 4 Mumbles Crusaders 2

Against the backdrop to the dulcet tones of the signature tune from the film "Deliverance", the Crusaders Chagga Nagga Choo - Choo and its Swing Time Band Ensemble steamed its way majestically through the Trans-Gower Heartlands for our first Summertime Spectacular against the fearsome Fall Bay Bandits.

With the matrix formulae impervious to the virulent discrimination that pervades the royal rights of succession and operating in a manner of integrity that is more transparent than the Home Secretary's expenses allowance claim form , the role call of 15 good men and true for today's game of honour was - Lloyd, Ben M, Tom G, Tom L, Tom P, Jack P, Nathan, Alex, Aled, Cameron, Dom, Max, Keiran and Cian. Prince Regent elect and captain for the day was Harry.

Having won the ceremonial game of pass the parcel to determine who kicks off, and in ideal rugby conditions, the Crusaders elected to play down the slope. In an enthralling first period, possession and territory were equally shared as both sides attempted to gain an advantage both physically and tactically. After some rousing play from both teams, eventually the Crusaders broke the deadlock with a fine try finally scored from Tom G after some sterling work from all the team. Fall Bay then responded in positive fashion which eventually resulted in a deserved try. The first period continued at a frenetic pace with both sides eager to spread the ball and commit themselves to the breakdown and enter the physicality of the game with the Crusaders finishing the half appearing to have the better of their opponents.

The second period however saw a slight reversal of the Crusaders fortunes. With the bigger Fall Bay outfit taking full advantage of the slope, the magnificent efforts and level of intensity from all the Crusaders during the first period began to take its toll on our players and our opponents began to take the ascendancy in most facets of the game. Tackles and passes that were made during the first half were now not being fully completed and Fall Bay quickly ran in a further three tries. However in true style, the gallant Crusaders refused to bow down and be beaten and threw everything they had in the final two minutes and after several big tackles Dom eventually scored the final try of the game.

Our thanks go to the well drilled Fall Bay players and Coaching team who were deserved winners on the day and who provided us with one of the toughest, most physical and healthily competitive matches we are likely to experience in our domestic league.

A big well done to all the players on show today and to our committed bunch of supporters who continue to uphold the values of the Crusaders and whose belief in the squad ethos and support for one another on and off the field is without equal . Even though we were quietly disheartened by today's result, the one positive to come out of the glorious first day of Summer was the fact we were spared the ominous sight of Dan in his newly acquired Jean Paul Gaultier Spring / Summer Collection of Parisian fashion short Rugby shorts.

Training Wednesday 4.30

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fall Bay (away)

Here is the matrix group for the Fall Bay game.

Please meet there at 10.45am. (Remember to wrap up warm!)

Lloyd, Max, Sam, Jack P, Tom G, Tom L, Tom P, Cian, Alex, Aled, Dom, Ben M
Keiron, Cam , Nathan, Harry

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mum's night out (2)

A message from Donna Marsden:

Kay, Christine and I are organising another Mum's night out. Excuse is because Christine couldn't make the last one!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sunday and DVDs

No match on Sunday, but there is training at 10am.

We are going to go straight into a proper match. Any parents who can video the game would be most welcome plus it would be good to take lots of photos if possible.

Can anyone who has not confirmed that their son is available for the coaching DVD post easter please drop me a line: dan.cottrell@rugby-coach.com

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dunvant match

The team travelled over to Dunvant this morning. It was a sunny day, but still required a thick tread wellyboot. However sunglasses were dusted off and 13 boys took part in a slightly one-sided game against the weighty Dunvant team.

Cam captained, with Max, Rhys, Rhys, Ben, Ben, Tom, Tom, Jack, Dom, Connor, Sam and Harry. The eventual score was over 15 tries to about 3.

Everyone made telling contributions, but we were looking in particular for certain things this match: early passing, clearing out, ripping out of the maul, low tackles and strength on the ball. All the boys were given a target and each one managed to at least achieve their personal goals.

The Dunvant coaches, Kevin and Anthony, were very gracious and good hosts. Their team were big, strong but not as fleet of foot as the Crusaders, who found open spaces, created gaps and scored some excellent tries.

The defence was good, with three or four players particularly tackling everything that came their way and a couple of others making more tackles than normal.

Training is on Wednesday at Underhill at 4.30pm.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Dunvant away

Here is the team for the Dunvant game:

1. Rhys D. 2. Rhys C. 3. Ben H. 4. Cam 5. Tom L 6. Tom G 7. Tom P. 8. Jack P. 9. Connor 10. Sam 11. Ben M. 12. Harry 13. Max 14. Dom

Meet at Dunvant at 10.45am.

The rest of the boys are to train at Underhill at 10.00am with Mike Morgan.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tournaments - Still Some Availability Details Needed

Important information for some of our end of season plans. Please can you look at the dates. If you haven't contacted Mike G yet - please send him an e-mail with your availability.

We will play at the Luctonians Tournament in Ludlow on Sunday the 19th April and at the Penclawdd Tournament on Sunday 26th April. Both will be all day events.

Luctonians. The plan is to hire a coach. The coach will leave Mumbles at about 07:30. The trip to Ludlow is just under 2 hours (88 miles). The tournament will finish by about 5 so we won't get back until the evening. There's a long history of Mumbles trips to the tournament and it should be an adventure for the boys. The under 10s and under 11s will be going as well. Cost will depend on coach hire but we expect it to be £20 per player, which will include registration and coach travel for the player and up to 2 accompanying persons. Spectators also need to pay £3.50 entry to the Luctonians club at the tournament.

Penclawdd. Not so far to travel. But still a full day event, starting at 10:00 and finishing around 4:00.

For Luctonians, we are allowed to take up to 16 players. For Penclawdd we are allowed 18. So the first thing we need to know is your availability. Can you please e-mail Mike on m.b.gravenor@swan.ac.uk to say whether you are able (and would like to) attend Luctonians, Penclawdd or BOTH. Ideally we will take everyone who is able to go to both tournaments. If we are over the limits, we'll make sure that everyone plays a big part in at least one tournament.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bonymaen on Sunday

Sorry for late cancellation today. We found out at 10:15 that Bonymaen couldn't raise a team, which wasn't very helpful.

The matrix has whirred into life again and produced the following heady mix of talent:

Meet 10.30am for 11am kick off at Underhill.

1. Rhys D.
2. Rhys C.
3. Ben H.
4. Cam
5. Tom L
6. Tom G
7. Tom P.
8. Jack P.
9. Connor
10. Sam
11. Ben M.
12. Harry

The rest are invited to train from 10am with Mike Morgan.

Please confirm your Luctonian availability as soon as possible.