Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bluestone Tour

Thanks to everyone for making the tour such a great success. A few survivors remain and the weekend has ended in a decisive victory for The Crusaders in the Bluestone Pub Quiz.

Monday, 3 May 2010

BLUESTONE - more details for Sat Night

Some more details for Bluestone. Note there is NO TRAINING THIS WEEK.

We're hoping to have a BBQ on Saturday night at Bluestone. There's no dedicated BBQ area, but we plan to congregate around a few lodges that are close together. Please bring a disposable charcoal BBQ and any food that you would like to BBQ for your own family. If you want to cook in groups it might be fun! If anyone would like to bring a "bring and share" salad of their choice e.g. pasta salad, rice salad, tabouleh (Mike M has offered to do this - it's his favourite!) we could all dip in. (No peppers or tuna for Dan thank you).

Bring some "refreshments" of your choice for you and your children as well. Rav will bring some paper plates, forks and some serviettes so you don't need to worry about these. If it's wet we may have to change tack, but lets be optimistic!

Tour T-shirts
We've had some tour t-shirts made for the boys with their individual names on the back, and a season souvenir. After paying for the Kooga training tops, our funds are low and we hope parents won't mind paying a contribution towards these. We will hand out the T-shirts on the Friday after the match and try and collect £8 from everyone then. It would be great if all the boys could wear them on Saturday at Heatherton - it will help to round them up!

General plan for the weekend is in a post below.