Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Busy week ahead

Lyndon has organised a fixture on Saturday against Llandovery at half time during the Premiership match between Llandovery and Swansea (at Llandovery). On Wednesday we will need to know who is available for that day. The game will finish on a pitch on the side, so it will be a full game. I know the football boys won't be available on that day.

However there is also a fixture on Sunday, against Neath Athletic (away).

PLUS, we are aiming to play Loughor at Loughor on Wednesday evening (7th).

Please make sure you confirm which games you (your son) is available for at Wednesday training, or my email/text if you can't make Wednesday.
Note training is back to 4.30pm.


Friday, 25 September 2009

South Gower Report

Well done to all the parents for picking up the late change of plans. The Crusaders jungle drums are in full working order.

It's disappointment for those expecting Mike Morgan's lavish match report. Mike's typewriter ribbon has broken so we only have his potted version channeled through Mike G, who wasn't even there. Here's the gist...

First up, thanks to South Gower for the invite. With big squads it is fantastic to have our neighbours ready and willing to provide competition, and a great welcome, at a moments notice. And thanks to Brian for taking the dreaded whistle. Mumbles employed the squad system to the full, and in the first game a full new set of players stepped in from last week to take on the greatly improved south gowerians. All the more pleasing to see the boys take a narrow 19-12 win. After the customary mid Sunday morning delay, the second game that followed ended in a tough 14-14 draw. All boys contributed and both games were played in tremendous spirit.

For this week: Unfortunately, Cefneithen have had to drop out on Wednesday. So training as usual that night.

However, we might have had a piece of good news because not only have Loughor reformed their U10s team, they might be free next Sunday. If they confirm we will have two fixtures again.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Match v Briton Ferry

We welcomed Briton Ferry to Bishopston on Sunday 20th September. With Penclawdd dropping out during the week, it meant only half the squad played with the rest going over to Llandovery next week (subject to confirmation). With currently a lack of U10 teams in the district (no Waun, Vadre, Lougher, Tonmawr and now Penclawdd) we are going to be on the road a little more this year.

So it was excellent that BF made the trip over river to West Swansea. They also came with a strong record.

It was a very even game, with conversions introduced for the first time for Mumbles. Five volunteers put their names forward for conversions on a rotational basis. Kicking with parents and supporters only yards away must have been quite a nerve jangling experience.

The first half saw Max make two scintillating runs to score and a Rhys C interception score. Keiran converted one of these tries. BF replied with a well worked try down the left hand touchline. BF warmed to the task by the end of the first half and were held out on the Mumbles line as the whistle went for half time.

The second half was what Sean Holley might call "an arm wrestle". Spirits ran high and little quarter was given in the contact area. Eventually BF squeezed over for a try which was unconverted, leaving the scores at 17-10.

More pressure on the Mumbles line was averted. Then, from a turnover near the Mumbles try line, with good work from the forwards, Tom G threw a long pass out to Tom L who linked with Lloyd who finally popped to Rhys C to finish off in the corner. Rhys C converted.

Mumbles weathered numerous BF attacks, before with the final play of the game, BF barrelled over the line with a short charge and the score finished 24-17.

A score apart probably reflected the closeness of the game in the end.

The forwards played a vital part in rucking and mauling: Cian and Aled dogged in the middle, Rhys D making some crucial tackles in the open, Keiran and Cam strong around the fringes, with Lloyd making his characteristic forward charges.

Nathan was more half forward than half back at scrum half. Max ate up the ground going forward, Tom G, Ben and Tom L made crucial breaks and tackles, and Rhys C made some key interventions in open field.

Overall it was a fine team performance.

We would like to thank Mark and his coaching team for making the trip over and their generous praise at the end of the game. It was a very tight match and their team never gave up, driving through to last whistle.

Unfortunately, because of the Penclawdd fixture being pretty much cancelled over all the age groups, the catering facility was put on hold this week. A little embarassing for us, but we hope this will be up and running for the next game.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Forthcoming matches and training

A bit hectic at Matrix Central, so here is an update.

1. Penclawwd cannot raise a side this weekend.
2. Vadre don't run a U10s team, so are not able to play next weekend.
3. The U11s and U9s are going on tour on 4th October to a tournament, but there was no spots available for us.

After a number of calls and rearranging, we have managed to sort out the following:

Therefore we have arranged the following:
20th Briton Ferry (h) game for 12 players, but no training for others.
27th Llandovery (a) game for the other players, plus Cam and Keiran, because their dads are going, and no training for the others. (This fixture to be confirmed)
30th Cefneithin (a) evening game against one of Lyndon's colleagues team's, near Cross Hands. (Training as normal for the other players not involved)
4th Oct, Neath Athletic (a) (perhaps two teams involved)
11th Oct, Dunvant (h) one team and training for everyone else
18th Oct, South Gower (h) normally two teams.

So by the 18th everyone should have had about equal playing time, though not necessarily over a two week period. We are constantly asessing the strength of the opposition teams so we are competitive and still balancing out playing time.

Extra shirts and shorts should be with us by the first week in October.

Team for Sunday (10.30am meet):


Rhys D

Rhys C
Tom G
Tom L
Ben M.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

International Ticket Information

All parents of registered Mumbles Junior Players enjoy 'Family Membership' of the club. This entitles you to, amongst other things, apply for International Tickets from the club's allocation. The procedure is simple. The club buys tickets in advance (around August for the Autumn Internationals and a bit later for the 6 Nations). If you want to buy a ticket, you must write your name and "Under 10s" (or whatever junior team you are involved with) and your phone number on the list that is put up on the message board wall of the downstairs bar in the clubhouse. The message board is found on the wall just facing the bar itself (in between the main room and the small adjoining room on the left). There is a list for each match. If the game is not over subscribed, you will then be allocated a ticket and can pay for it at the bar. If the list is over subscribed you will be entered in a lottery.

From recent experience, many Autumn International tickets are not highly subscribed so you would stand a very good chance of getting one. For the 6 nations of course there is much more demand.

Lists are up NOW for New Zealand (7th November), Australia (28th November) and Argentina (21st November, the cheaper option this Autumn).

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Games v Morriston and Aberavon Greenstars

Sunday saw the Crusaders play their first games for the season with lineouts and scrums. With four debutants and one returnee, it was a busy and sometimes confusing day.

First, we must thank Morriston and Greenstars for their flexible, friendly approach. The coaching staff were positive, helpful and I think that we had some close and hard fought games. There was never much in the games and I think all the sides can say there were plenty of positives.

We played one Morriston side and two Greenstar sides, with two games for each of our mixed teams. Though overall we might have had the edge in terms of tries, it would have been difficult to split the teams.

Areas we can be particularly pleased with:
1. New boys getting stuck in.
2. More passing than last season already.
3. A greater number of players willing to tackle.
4. Several boys finding more defined roles to their benefit.

Areas we can look for improvements:
1. Passing earlier.
2. Supporting the ball carrier.

Training on Wednesday: 4.30pm to 5.45pm at Underhill.
Game(s) this weekend v Penclawdd and Briton Ferry (tbc).

Friday, 11 September 2009

Sunday 9.30am meet

Just to confirm we are at Bishopston School for 9.30am.

We have split the squad into two matrix teams, with a roughly even balance of players we think.

Each team has a couple of the new guys. They can as much part as they feel comfortable with and we will keep a very close eye of their progress in the games.

We have two fixtures the week after. We need all the players available again though I know that a number of the boys will be involved in the Swansea Football festival. I need to confirm numbers as soon as possible.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Training on Wednesday 4.30pm, matches on Sunday

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the park on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

We have provisionally put together two squads for the games against Morriston and Aberavon Green Stars. Kick offs likely to be from 10am.

The games will be at BISHOPSTON.

EDIT: We will NOT be going to the cricket club after the games. (There is a christening on and I don't think they would welcome several dozen sets of muddy boys gatecrashing their happy day). As there are no facilities for food after the game, and because the weather forecast is good, parents are welcome to bring snacks for a picnic after the matches.

In preparation for Sunday, can everyone ensure that they have BLACK/NAVY shorts. Mumbles socks a bonus.

We have reordered shirts for those who are new or need a larger size. Otherwise it will be a bit of mix and matching on Sunday.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sunday training at 9.30am

Please be prompt because there is a football day taking up the whole park from 10am. I am not exactly sure where on the pitches we will train, but I am sure we will find a corner to work in at the very least.

Any of the Mumbles Rangers boys are welcome to come to first half of the training before going onto the football. Indeed the football day is open anyone, so those playing rugby can wander over if they want.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday 2nd September TRAINING OFF

Pitches are soaking, so training off.

Please note training is 9.30am on Sunday. All the other teams have a fixture against Skewen so we need to get into the car park early!