Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cowbridge Match Report 2

Cowbridge 10 Mumbles 0

Team DC was made up of Rhys C, Tom G, Alex, Harry, Ben H, Ben M, Tom L, Cian and Connor.

Both halves were hard fought, and the boys did many good things...passing before contact, tackling, mauling and keeping their team spirit up. But we faced a tide of speed and strength. As Mike says in his match report, it was a learning curve during the game and some reflection afterwards on what is required at a better level. If we don't play these teams and lose we will never progress.

Everyone made a tackle and some players made some significant tackles, keeping the score down. We rarely came close to their line, but continued to recycle some good ball. Running forwards with support and now presenting the ball to the opposition were not our strong suit though.

Many thanks to John H (and Brett for a short period too) for running behind the team. Also to Donna and Jo for their help with bottles, first aid and then in the kitchens afterwards.

I think Bishopston is an ideal facility for us and I would echo Mike Morgan's thoughts on that.

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