Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Match report from Penclawdd

Report just in from Penclawdd.

In brief: we won, the boys played well, the welcome was excellent.

At length, please refer to Mike "I swallowed Roget's Theasurus, Bacon's Shorter Latin Primer and the Oxford English Dictionary" Morgan's piece below.

Tuesday 28th October 2008

Penclawdd 6 Mumbles 7

In another momentous and era defining week in the annuls of Welsh Rugby history in which we witnessed, after a three year absence, an away win for Llandovery and the return of the great antipodean migratory species Vulturaris Dribredduss Australis to continue in his critically acclaimed role of Principal Boy in the Tri-Enniall W.R.U. Christmas Pantomime.

Amongst this maelstrom of mistrust and malcontent, the mighty Crusaders and the good people of Penclawdd rose majestically above the carnage that lay below them and unreservedly allowed the unconditional release of all players selected for their half term holiday commitments, whilst at the same time, maintaining the integrity of their domestic league by honouring this evening's fixture.

After an earlier fatwa against two leading dignitaries of Mumbles RFC was overturned for reasons known only to them, we travelled with great anticipation for a floodlight challenge in near freezing conditions against a very well organised and highly disciplined Penclawdd team. In all, we took a squad of 11 players, with John Hynes and John Marsden mastering the rolling substitution system to perfection, thus ensuring each player got the requisite 17 minutes and 34 seconds each.

The game itself was a highly entertaining spectacle, refereed by the superbly impartial Darryl in which both sides played with great skill levels, enthusiasm and commitment. Tries flowed at either end as both sides adopted a fluid approach to the game in which the simple mantra of bang pop whoosh paid great dividends to both teams.

For Mumbles, tries were scored by Rhys C (3) , Sam (2), and especially pleasing for the team were the ones scored by the elusive Cian and, after great support work, Liam's efforts were finally rewarded with him crossing the line somewhere in Lougher!!!!! Instrumental in this victory was the contributions of captain for the day Lloyd and Keiran in their attempt to outdo one another in the bonecrunching tackle department. Also worthy to note the barnstorming runs of both Ben Hynes and Harry, the industrious efforts of James P, who really got stuck in, the fleet footed and deceptive running of Ben M and the selfless, unseen but never unsung work of the ever improving Alex. This collective effort signifies what this simple game is all about and it was especially pleasing to see the players operate as a single entity, especially in the second half, where some of our collective teamwork was amongst the best we have seen. Well done to one and all.

In summary, it was an excellent evening's rugby which was played in a fantastic spirit and in a superbly resourced environment that we can only envy. Team Crusaders would again like to thank the players and parents of both sides for their continued and appreciative support to all players, and a special thanks to Nic and Phil Davies of Penclawdd RFC for proving to be the most accommodating of hosts. It is a fixture and relationship that we are fortunate to be able to build upon.

I would also like to thank the dear old lady who on my way out, traded in a spinning wheel in return for a felt tip pen and half a box of tic tacs.

Best Wishes

Mike M

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