Sunday, 19 October 2008

From our foreign correspondent in El Les Que Ven
Mikalodious Morganopolous

19th October 2008 Match report
Final score: Skewen 1 Mumbles 9

The late withdrawal of Ben Hynes due to excessive vinegar on his bolognaise and chips after watching the Ospreys ( who grassed him up?) tested the matrix to its true working capacity and also enabled the team mascot, Staffordshire bull terrier Floyd Morgan to a glimpse of Mrs Hynes in her nightdress at the unearthly hour of 8 am. After reprogramming all the specific data available, the admirable Rhys Davies stepped into the fold and enabled us to travel with the full complement of 12 players.

After watching the under 10's secure their Heineken Cup qualification by virtue of the number of tries scored, we eventually kicked off at 11:35 am.

Emphasis of the day was to ensure we worked as a team and that the success of this ethos would be the number of different names on the scoresheet and to work collectively to prevent the opposition from scoring. All players embraced this philosophy in the true Corinthian spirit and tries were scored by Max (4) Dom (2) Jack P, Tom G. Particularly satisfying for the team was the try scored by the ever improving and totally selfless Nathan - well done.

A big mention must also go to the commitment to the team and the endeavours of "TEAM SHUT OUT" consisting of Alex, Tom P, Connor, Keiran, Sam, Rhys D and Aled whose contribution to setting up the try scorers and their collective efforts and enthusiasm in a great defensive effort prevented the opposition from adding to their scores - high fives to all.

My thanks yet again goes to all parents and players of both sides who continue to support the players in a correct and appropriate manner both on and off the field.

Thanks also goes to Yvonne and Richard of the Skewen Junior Section who made us all feel very welcome and who also aim to instil the correct virtues in their players. Also the players of Skewen U9's are worthy of praise in the fact that despite playing better opposition on the day, they stuck at their task diligently and with good humour and a smile on their face. It is a fixture we look forward to honouring again in the future.

In summary, an excellent morning was had by all. The way in which the players gelled and played as a team under the principal command of the ever improving tactical genius that is Brett Jones, who rightfully ignored the rolling substitutions tactic employed last week, is a credit to all whose inputs have enabled this to happen.

Training 4:30 Wednesday

Editor's note: My thanks to the mighty Morganopolous, whose pen is mightier than the sword and good humour carries him to many a far flung outpost of the Welsh Rugby Empire. He will be pleased to know that following my fact finding mission to North Wales that I have secured him a fixture with Wrexham RFC. Gaynor will be pleased to hear there is no motorway at all between Swansea and this redoutable northern fortress. In the meantime the matrix works towards Penclawdd: anomalies to me as soon as possible (that is, who can't play this coming weekend)

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