Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sunday arrangements v Fall Bay (home)

We have a home game this weekend against Fall Bay. They only have a small squad so after asking around at training on Wednesday we have decided on the following policy:

1. If we have a chance we will aim to play all the players if the other team has a big squad. In other words play as two teams. Alternatively, we play two teams on the same day (round robin).

2. Against smaller teams, like Fall Bay and Bonymaen, we will play a smaller squad of 11-12 players, with the other players training on the Sunday 9.30am. Selection will be based purely on rotation. Illnesses and injuries might make this a little bit difficult to get exactly right over the period say of a month, but over the longer term we would expect about equal playing time for each player.

3. Sometimes we might split the squad and play one team in one venue and another in another place. This might be difficult if there are illnesses, injuries or holidays. Finding other teams is also a problem, but we are on the case.

4. The rotation works through a matrix. We have matched players in groups of four. This means we should have a balanced team in every match. It will also mean that we won't have cliques of players.

Our overall philosphy is: play to learn, improve skills, be a team and enjoy our game. Winning is a good, losing is learning.

For this weekend there has been some illness. However I will endeavour to put up a squad in the next 24 hours and then we can go from there.

Key timings:
Meet 9.30 for all.
Training for all those not playing.
Kick off for those playing: 10.30am

A couple of final notes:
1. Please take plenty of pictures at the matches and then send them to Dan (
2. If anyone wants to take a video of the match, then please send it on to Lyndon who can "code" the game with his professional software and we can produce a DVD of the highlights.
3. If you want some specific targets or reminders for your son, then drop me a line. Sometimes it helps their focus on match days if they have a one or two thoughts on what they want to acheive and they can share them with you. We want to see individual develop and not just team development.

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