Sunday, 16 November 2008

Mumbles 6 Dunvant 4

It was a great pleasure to welcome a much improved Dunvant team to the Bishopston school playing fields this Sunday. The weather was similar to the state of a Mike Morgan Saturday sing song. A bit blustery, a bit wet and not sure of whether things would brighten up. Thankfully it kept dry and we were able to train well for a good half an hour before the opposition turned up.

It is worth noting we have introduced some new systems in attack and so we tried to implement these in the game. We are keen to keep the passing going and players not to run back on themselves, in other words towards where the opposition are coming from.

There was some difficulty identifying the opposition since they looked more like an Under 13’s team. With matrix coughing up a new team for this week, the sundries went off with Mike Morgan for further training and Mike Davies (Rhys’ dad) took on the substitutions duties.

Playing down the hill in the first half, Sam whisked off to score a couple of tries, plus Cam dived over after some good running. But it was Dunvant who kept up the pressure and only some resolute tackling stop more tries being leaked.

It was particularly good to see Connor and James Parker making such a positive contribution, whilst the other players made their usual good impressions on the team. Another positive was the team effort in terms of passing.

Coach Lyndon was a constant threat behind the team. At one point he confused the substitutions to the extent that we had eight players on the pitch. However his half time team talk galvanised the players, focusing their efforts on the ball on the ground. Going up hill against a big side was going to be tough.

The boys picked up their game extremely well with most of the pressure being in the Dunvant half. Some fine tackling from the visitors from Killay held out James, Cameron, Rhys C and Tom L from near scores. Rhys D, Sam and Rhys C however did make it over the line (I might need some confirmation of this!)

There was plenty of great tackles, with captain Cameron leading the way, but other notable tackles came from Tom L, Dom, both Rhys’, Tom G, Cian and Aled.

Alex was his usual strong self in close quarters and Harry kept the ball alive well, linking to take the ball away from contact.

The game was won 6-4.

Afterwards we went to the cricket and I believe it was a successful way to get together after the game.

Training at the Astroturf on 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Don’t forget December 5th at the clubhouse for parents' disco and quiz.

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