Thursday, 26 February 2009

Boys Night Out

Don't forget the Boys night out tommorrow. Meet at rugby club 7ish. Wales - France kick off at 8:00. Mike Morgan expelled from clubhouse 8:30. Mike rejoins party at Curry House by climbing in through the toilet window at 11:30.

Sunday: A fixture failed to materialise. So training for all the boys. 10:00 at Underhill.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Crusaders vs Penlan

(Mike Gravenor Picture Post): Lloyd in full flow and Tom Gravenor moves into close support as Liam steps back.

Match report for Penlan follows from Mike Morgan.

Editor's note: Mike has been given a word count of less than 10,000 words. He has got round this by using foreign expressions or sayings from the 19th century, which he says do not count.

Sunday 22/2/09

Penlan 4 Mumbles Crusaders 7

On a bright Sunday morning, the Crusaders 222 squadron and its troupe of aviatrical acrobats navigated a course through the Swansea's suburbian skyways for a tricky away fixture against the pride of Penlan. Having safely avoided the flock of migrating birds of paradise, the 222 squadron touched down on the notoriously tricky Windy City runway at Mynydd Newydd at 10.30 for an 11:00 kick off.

With the highly prized and much sought after matrix machine escaping the Machiavellian clutches of the barking mad Italian Rugby Selection Panel, the players on show today were: Dom, Tom G, Cameron, Lloyd, Aled, Liam, Keiran, Nathan, James P. The captain for the day, as selected by Master Oenologist and Pork Scratchings expert Nick John, was Alex.

Having welcomed back the winter in traditional Inuit style, and with Penlan only managing to raise 8 players for the game, the wide, open pitch and perfect playing surface enabled a fast and flowing game of rugby that was conducive to both sets of players and styles of rugby that are actively encouraged. In attack and defence the Crusaders contested for everything in a game superbly refereed by Birthday Boy Lyndon. For the Crusaders it was particularly pleasing to see some progression in terms of an increasing level of composure with the ball in hand amongst the players and a growing appreciation of the more complex laws of the game. Yet again all the players today made some telling contributions, with tries scored by Tom G, Lloyd, Dominic and it was pleasing to see Liam appear on the scoresheet again. Alex, who revelled in his role as captain did some excellent close contact work and clearouts at the breakdown. Equally eager to share in this workload were the industrious efforts of Keiran, Aled and Cameron. James P brought his own usual exuberance to the game and the distribution work and vision of Nathan was prevalent throughout.

Today's game proved to be a real evenly matched contest that in the long term will benefit all the players, and was played in an exemplary spirit whereby both sets of players and supporters should be commended for upholding the true Rugby virtues. Our thanks go to our generous hosts Penlan and to the coaches Tony and Lee for making our journey thoroughly enjoyable and for giving Mike M the new rugby experience of being asked to pick up a prize size dog poo whilst on the run and while one of their players scored in the corner where the well trained dog would have gone in the first instance. A special mention to the Penlan player of the Match Lauren who despite being better looking, having a greater IQ and wearing less fake tan than the average rugby player never looked for any preferential treatment from the Crusaders or her own team mates - well done to her.

In response to Kay Midha's concerns and mimicry that the boys have nothing planned for the Friday Nights Cultural Gunfight, we are actually being filmed for the fly on the wall documentary series "Come Dine with Me" whereby the Under 9 coaches plan to introduce the non Rugby cultured parents to the delights of the Post Midnight Curry House Rituals and Etiquette. Lyndon will be given the task of selecting the starters and ordering the Beer, Mike M is in charge of ordering more Beer and the Main Course, whilst Dan has to undertake the unsung hero role of creating a distraction while we all climb out the toilet window before paying and then has to convince the proprietors that he was nothing to do with us.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sunday 22nd at Penlan

Morriston game is off, but instead, through the serendipitous movements of the moons, Penlan were also without a fixture.

10.30am meet at Penlan.

The matrix team:

1.Tom G.
2. Alex
3. Harry
4. Connor
5. Rhys D
6. Lloyd
7. Nathan
8. Liam
9. Dom
10. Cam
11. Keiran
12. Tom L.
13. James P.
14. Aled

Note also that there is an update for the "nights out"
27th February: Boys, meet at Rugby Club 7ish. Dress: Sense. Weapon: Of choice. Please refer to the following links for further information:

6th March: The ladies. CJs restaurant for food at 8pm. Drinks after. Rumour of a trip to Wind Street post dinner.

Penclawdd report to follow.

Training on Wednesday's now in the park.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Penclawwd Tuesday meet at 6pm there

Same team as for the original game, I know about the players who are missing, who I was told about on Wednesday.

Any others drop me a line on 07717 578899.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Friday night OFF

I am sorry to say that both Gowerton and Llandovery are unable to supply teams for tomorrow night, so the game at St Helens is off.

We will try to get another game like this because it is good to support the local premiership side with which we have strong links .

In the pipeline, there is, weather dependent, a game against Penclawwd on Tuesday evening and then we will have training on Thursday morning at 10am.


Monday, 9 February 2009

Guess what - rained off!

Tuesday's game against Penclawdd, rearranged from Sunday has been called off. However we are hoping to play this game next Tuesday.

In the meantime, Wednesday's training is definitely on and remember to tell me about your son's availability for Friday. Thanks to all who have done so already.


Saturday, 7 February 2009


All matches at Underhill have been called off this weekend, and that means we are not allowed to train either. With the weather so cold and the chance of more snow we won't be looking for another venue, so a Sunday morning lie in for all.

We'll be back on Wednesday for what will be our last Astroturf session. We are also trying to re-arrange the Penclawdd match for Tuesday evening at Penclawdd (same matrix side). Please let Dan know if you can't make it on Tuesday.

Enjoy the 6 Nations opening weekend. The under 10s have arranged to watch the Scotland v Wales match at the cricket club tomorrow. Parents can watch the match in peace and the kids run around the field. Everyone is welcome to join them from 2:30 on Sunday.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Friday 13th

Through the good offices of Lyndon and Mike M, we have a good chance of playing at half time in the Swansea v Llandovery game next Friday night at St Helens. The aim is to have two games at the same time, so all the boys will be involved. Our opponents are yet to be confirmed, but we do need to confirm if everyone is available. It will be a TAG game (!)

Please can you email me to check off your son's availability (plus you can confirm anyone who is email shy!). Telling one of us in person is likely to be forgotten - we coaches can only carry so much information at one time.

Approximate timings: Main game kick off 7.15. Half time match 7.55pm. Meet at say 6.55pm. Kids in for free, parents etc. nominal amount.

Llandovery is the side that Lyndon coaches and Swansea is the side that Mike used to play for.

Don't forget to scroll down the page for the Penclawdd team.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Girls night out


A message from Kay and Donna:

Following the success of the first one, we are planning a night out on FRIDAY MARCH 6th.

Please see Kay or Donna at training if you're interested in going along - venue to be drinks in Mumbles or do we venture into town?

MESSAGE ENDS ++++++++++++

Picture placed by Dan of Mike Phillips

Match report for the Gowerton game

Our intrepid foreign correspondent has ventured forth once again from the Norton Metropolis into the wider world that is known as "beyond the Swansea borders". Some might think this is the Pizza Hut at Forestfach, but in fact Michael Morgan is in the tropical paradise of Gowerton.

This match report did not quite reach the Swansea University word count for submissions for a Doctorate in the biodiversity of the cuttlefish at Covelli's, but only by about 8 words.

February 1st 2009

Gowerton 4 Mumbles Crusaders 4

On a bitterly cold morning with the easterly wind doing its worst to make the wind chill factor particularly biting, the good ship Mumbles Crusaders arrived on schedule at 10.30 to play against our good friends and illustrious opponents from Gowerton.
With the kick off being delayed until 11.45 to allow the younger teams first dabs on the pitches, the matrix squad for the day sought refuge and warmth in the changing rooms for the inaugural Crusaders Buzz Challenge. Playing with multiples of 3's 4's and 5's a keenly fought competition ensued amongst the squad, with eventual winner Dominic beating Cameron on the number 28. With the so called dumbing down of educational standards at the forefront of government policy, Dominic was also awarded a GCSE B Grade by the Southern Examining Board for his efforts.

So to the game. The Matrix squad for today's game was Tom G, Dom, Liam, Ben H, James P, Aled, Cameron, Harry, Lloyd, Connor, Rhys D and Nathan. The honour of captain for the day was given to Keiran.

The game itself was split into 3 x 8 minutes periods with the pitch and cross winds providing little advantage to either team. In the first period it seemed that the excesses and intensity given to the pre match game of buzz had somewhat affected our players whereby a vastly improved and well organised Gowerton team took advantage of the Crusaders lackadaisical approach and stormed into a well deserved 4-1 interval lead, with the Crusaders appreciating the end of period whistle more than our opponents.
However, a rousing team talk by Rugby Raconteur Lyndon seemed to have the desired effect amongst the troops and they took to the field for the next period in far more a positive frame of mind. In the second period a re-energised Crusaders threw everything at their hosts and the little errors and apprehensions that where evident in the first period soon evaporated. With great enthusiasm and a collective team effort, the Crusaders absorbed some heavy punishment in attack and defence from the determined Gowerton players, and with no quarter asked or given and showing great physicallity at the breakdown and tackle area, came off this period trailing by 4-3

The third period continued in much the same vain as the second, with Gowerton going all out for the one try that would give them the win and the Crusaders desperately trying to get back on level terms. Fortunately through sheer grit and determination, the team managed to galvanise itself for a final flurry and salvage a richly deserved draw in one of the most entertaining, hugely competitive and good spirited games we have had all season.

For the Crusaders each one of the players stood up to be counted, especially when the easy option today was to throw in the towel when trailing by 4 scores to 1 - this really showed the inner steel of all the players today and in the squad. Today's game also shone the spotlight on some of our unsung heroes such as Liam, James P, Aled, Harry and Ben H all of whom made significant contributions to today's excellent performance. It is these players who tend to go unnoticed by all but the coaching staff and who are in our opinion arguably the most important cogs in the squad - well done to them.

Our thanks goes to a vastly improved Gowerton team and all our good friends from Gowerton, especially to Dai Treharne for his superb refereeing and ability to let the physicality of the game go to the boundary but never over it. It is always a pleasure to deal with true rugby gentlemen like Dai and his "underpants outside the trousers" sidekick Lyn.

On another issue, the tedious and protracted soap opera that is the search for a new coach for the Ospreys finally ended this week when Scott Johnson was given the role of Director of Rugby. While some in the game facetiously consider that in fact namesake Ulrika would have been a better choice, I have found three distinctive and uncanny comparables between the two, namely:-

1 - They are both renowned for a mop of long blond hair and their ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy
2 - They are both considered to be "one of the lads" and are hugely popular with the players in the changing room
3 - They both have a similar knowledge of the game of rugby and share in their ability to coach it
While this gives Mr Johnson the chance to prove he is a genuine Number 1 coach to many in the rugby fraternity he will always remain the quintessential Number 2 (rhyming slang and interpretations optional).

Penclawdd this weekend

Training as usual on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

This weekend a matrix team will take on Penclawdd at home with a 10.30am meet for 11.00am kick off. There will be training for the rest of the boys from 10.00am.

The team will be:

1. Alex
2. Max
3. Sam
4. James P
5. Connor
6. Tom P
7. Jack P
8. Ben M
9. Ben H
10. Rhys D
11. Cian
12. Nathan
13. Kieran

Training boys with Lyndon
Cam, Lloyd, Dom, Harry, Liam, Aled, Tom G

Monday, 2 February 2009

Some Admin...Please Check

I am finalising the team subscription records for this season (for the Crusader / Pirates / Wildcats who run a joint account) as most (but not all!!) the money is now in. There are two standing orders that I can't match to specific players. Both were set up in Oct/Nov. One under the name of Fitzgerald and one under the name Christopher. If you recognise these standing orders can you please e-mail me on and just confirm the name of the player for whom you are paying (and the team). Thanks for listening. When I have this info I'll finally be able to finish this year's admin, and hopefully next year will be alot easier. MIKE.

Also - any Green 6 Nations competition forms still out there please bring along to Astroturf on Wednesday (completed and with money if possible!)