Friday, 25 July 2008

The team's strengths

Last year's strengths

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The new season

We are back!
The new season training starts on Wednesday 6th August at 4.30pm in Underhill Park.
The coaches will be:
Dan Cottrell
Lyndon Lewis
Mike Morgan

The team manager position is currently open, because whilst Mike Gravenor will be our secretary, he will also be working with the Under 7s.

Unless we have a volunteer, I prospose we operate a rota system for team manager for each week. The task is not onerous on the day. It is matter of ticking off attendees, ensuring we have a record of tries scored and noting down any queries.

We will train throughout August on a Wednesday, with sometimes a morning session for a couple of hours.

The basic specification for August will be:
1. Teamship
2. Handling and footwork
3. A light introduction to contact work

At the end of August we will up the contact work:
1. Tackling
2. Ruck/maul
3. Passing before and out of contact

In September we will build towards our first games:
14th September - Ponyberem 7s (squad of 10)
21st September - Waunarlwydd

We will also have a midweek warm up game against the U10 "B" team.
From September onwards, we will train on a Sunday morning when we don't have a match.
We will retain a rotation policy, as we did for the past season. If we feel that one game requires a more robust team, then players will be rotated for the week after.
However if we think a player has lost his confidence or needs more time before he is "match ready", with consultation with the parents concerned, we will rest them.
In the next few weeks we will move to a new website, with our new moniker for the team.
In the meantime, I have produced end of season reports for all the boys, and we email them on request:

The subs will be collected via direct debit starting on the 1st September, and we will give you the forms to sign when we see you at training. The subs will be £3.50 a month for the whole year. It means that if your son decides mid-season to drop out, you can stop at that point.

On Monday 1st September at 6.30pm at the club we will be running a boot and shorts swap with the other teams. I have hopefully got H Sports to come along as well to sell on other rugby equipment at a discount price.

Finally on gum shields: we suggest that you sort out your son's own gum shield. The logistics of doing this centrally are cumbersome, especially with braces, missing teeth and other oral complexities. Here is a suggested place to get a fitted gum shield.

Denture Centre
10, Cygnet Close,
West Glamorgan
Tel: 01792 281397

The Mumbles Crusaders

Here is the new site.

All the information will be posted as normal.

Any comments of course gratefully received.