Monday, 26 October 2009

training at 4pm

Training as usual on Wednesday and two games this Sunday.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

South Gower Report

Mumbles Crusaders 46 South Gower 36

With today's transport provided by the Latimer County Confiscated Blimp Dept, the Crusaders Balloon Odyssey finally came to ground on the Bishopston Grasslands for an 11 am kick off against the local chapter of the South Gower Gauchos. In total, 21 squad members emerged from their attic hideaways, leading the Coaches to employ the technically and kinaesthetically difficult 10/11 x (3p x 15) - 2ls rolling substitution strategy to ensure all players had equal game time. With Lyndon kindly offering to referee the game and generously providing Crunchie McFlurries all round in celebration of Llandovery's emphatic victory over Aberavon, the game commenced on schedule.

During the first of the three periods, the Crusaders players set about their task in hand with great enthusiasm, quickly scoring a succession of well worked tries and demonstrating a Spartan resilience in defence. Good game awareness was shown in most of the basic building blocks of the game, with tackles being made, rucks cleared out and passes being made and completed. This in turn led to an even distribution of tries as a result of this collective effort. Although South Gower were being clearly outplayed during this period, they refused to buckle and their defiance was rewarded with a try of their own towards the end of this period.

In the next period, the second 10/11 x (3p x 15) - 2ls team evidently thought the game was won, and as a consequence slightly lost their composure and appetite for the challenge, and although matching South Gower try for try, the negative vibes emerging from the players allowed the mystical psychological pendulum to swing in the favour of our visitors. Towards the end of the period, it was the Crusaders who were glad to hear the bell for some respite from the South Gower onslaught.

In the final 15 minute period, the two formulaic teams shared the duties of trying to stem the tide. However it was evident by this stage that the rot had set in, with Crusaders players standing off rucks, avoiding tackles and opting for the scenic route rather than the direct route with ball in hand. At times they appeared more concerned with the Squidwood / Patrick conundrum in episode 19,452 of SpongeBob Squarepants than facing down the pumped up local Banderols, who sensed a famous scalp in the waiting. During this temporary malaise, South Gower scored 4 unanswered tries to give them a one point lead with just two minutes left on the clock. With Mike M now reaching for the paraffin and matches to burn the goalposts down in commemoration of an infamous South Gower victory, the Crusaders rallied and scored two late, late tries to seal a narrow victory.

Well done to all players and supporters from both teams during todays game, and for Lyndon's superb refereeing. For the Crusaders there were far more positives in our performance than negatives, yet we still feel that sometimes a gentle bit of constructive criticism can help all players improve during this stage of their rugby development. While it is nice to win, it is how you play and respond during the game that is still of paramount importance. Thanks to all parents for supporting this viewpoint during the post match analysis and "Honesty Session."

Congratulations to all attached to South Gower, and especially their excellent coaches Rob and Gareth. They are developing into a really useful outfit who gave us a real run for our money today, and if anyone thought that there was any gulf between the two teams, after today's exceptional display, they are clearly mistaken..

Monday, 19 October 2009

No training on Wednesday

Because there is one coach available and there is a schools tournament for a number of the boys, there is no training on Wednesday.

There is a fixture and training on Sunday for all the players.

More details to follow.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Match v Dunant

On our first rainy morning of rugy, 11 boys turned up early for training and worked very hard under the watchful eye of Mike Morgan. He was certainly impressed by the effort and application shown.

Another 11, plus a hasty subsitution of Keiran, took the field against Dunvant. They are an improving side, with big forwards and no lack of heart.

An early try by Rhys C, who dived over the wrong try line to start with, was soon wiped out by a Dunvant score. Captain Cam rallied the troops, fiercely tackling any schoolmate who came his way.

However good rucking lead to more pressure and another try. A couple of kick offs led to more good runs and the Crusaders turned around at half time comfortably in the lead.

Team talks galvanised troops and Dunvant were back in force. However, with Brad, Zach and Josh taking the ball forward, the Crusaders just had the edge. Rhys D went over, as did Zach and Brad.

Jack was skipping through gaps, Connor and Keiran wrestling in the contact area, Thomas P making tackles, Harry showing his good form of late and James Parker drove into their biggest player.

At the end Dunvant drove over for the final try, reward for their efforts.

For the record, despite plenty of advice from all quarters, we only made one of our conversions (well done Zach).

The Dunvant coaches (Kevin and Anthony) and team were excellent company and we wish them well for the rest of the season.

Training at 4.30pm at Underhill

Notifications sent out via that training is at 4.30pm at Underhill on Wednesday.

Match report to follow soon for Dunvant game.


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sunday morning

There is training for everyone at 10.00am (Bishopston), followed by a game for 12 versus Dunvant and the rest to play a small-sided game.

By the end of today's training/game everyone will have played the same amount of games.

Everyone will play the next week against South Gower.

After the match they are hotdogs etc. at the cricket club, and it would be great to see as many of the players there as possible.

You should have received a text via Please reply with Y or N. The cost is your standard network charge. (PS It is free to reply via the email notification)


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Loughor match

Loughor 28 Mumbles 0

The Crusaders travelled over to Loughor for an evening game.

Loughor, who have just reformed this season, were ready to avenge a defeat on the weekend and the Mumbles boys were a little shell shocked by the onslaught.

It won't go down as one of the great spectacles of running rugby, with some confusing passages of play. The Crusaders looked a little disjointed and lost their own momentum quite early on. Loughor drove forward well and went over two close range tries in the first half.

In the second half saw a good break from the Loughor 10 for an individual try. The second try was scored as the boys remonstrated with the referee about an injury. A lesson learned there we hope: play the whistle.

Overall, Loughor were stronger at the breakdown and more determined going forward.

There were some positives though with good tackling from a number of the team. But too many dropped balls and indecisive work in the rucks made progress heavy going.

We would like to thank Loughor for a good fixture though and look forward to seeing them in November. Well done on reforming.

All the boys will train on Sunday morning at Bishopston (look forward to a hard session) at 10.00am and then 12 boys will be nominated to play against Dunvant (a matrix team).

Things have moved up a notch now...

PS: Can you make sure you have replied to the requests.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Loughor update

The game will be at:
Penyrheol Comprehensive School pitches.
Head to Gorseinon, get on the B4296 and then turn left. (SA4 4FG)
Park at the top of Frampton Road and walk down the steps to the pitches.
Please get there for 5pm and we will get going as soon as possible.

There will not be any training for the other boys because a number of players are away on Wednesday in school matches.

Training and game on Sunday at Bishopston.

We have now confirmed a fixture with Felinfoel on 29th November, meaning that we now have a full card until mid December.

We are working on a number of other options as well.

New shirts should be here soon as well (plus socks).

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Match report from Neath Athletic game

(From the nimble fingers of Mike Morgan)

Sunday 4th October 2009

Neath Athletic 24 Mumbles Crusaders 49

For today's game, the good ship Crusaders set sail for the uncharted territories of the Eastern Archipelago that is Castell Nedd Sur le Mer. With spirits high after a good start to the season and with Lyndon L and Mike M entrusted with the magical magnetic GPS stones and safely avoiding the wrath of the local emperor and his marauding elephants, we arrived at Cwrt Herbert at 10:30 for an 11.00 start. With the players now being given distinctive roles in training and games (Film Stars = Backs, Murderers = Forwards), today's Hollywood's were Nathan, Max, Bradley, Zach and Sam while today's Assassins were Keiran, Lloyd, Cian Cameron, Mathew and Connor.

Set against the tranquil backdrop of the Dwr - Y - Felin Ivory Towers of Academia, the Crusaders soon got into their rhythm with a distinctive improvement in most facets of play. Particularly effective was the work at the breakdown with all players who arrived early clearing out past the ball and leaving the egg on a plate for the tradesman players. With good clean ball the Mumbles were able to up the pace to ramming speed and play some good continuous rugby. The pace and intensity in which Mumbles played this period resulted in a half time score of 28 - 7 with the Athletic scoring in the last passage of play.

After a morale sapping half time talk from rugby Svengali Lyndon and the Synergy boosting Orange segments courtesy of Jason C, the second period took much the same shape as the first whereby:

"the synchronicity and symbiotic relationship between forwards and backs became totally harmonised" ( Citation - "You to Can Become an Ospreys Coach"
2009 edition Penguin Books Page 3)

This approach led to Mumbles scoring some fantastic tries and although Adam and his Abacus almost reached meltdown keeping tabs on this, the indomitable players from Neath refused to lie down and proved more than a match for the invigorated Mumbles players, matching them blow for blow during this period. Yet again it was pleasing to see all the players on show play within the true spirit of the game and distribute the ball effectively which resulted in a number of different try scorers and goal kickers from both teams.

However, the final scoreline in no way does full justice to the massive and magnificent effort of the good people of Neath Athletic who were short of a number of players due to illness. Our thanks goes to all their players for giving us a thorough workout and their excellent coaches Carl and Dai. Yet again it is a fixture we look forward to honouring in the future.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Game off Saturday, game on Sunday, Wednesday


Unfortunately Llandovery have pulled out of Saturday's game. Lyndon apologises for this, especially since the club chairman rang him on Sunday to confirm the fixture. It is very disappointing, but at least we have a game on Sunday at Neath Athletic, and a game against Loughor on Wednesday.

Here are the two teams:

At Neath (meet at Neath Athletic at 10.30am...Neath Sports Centre, Neath Abbey Rd, SA10 7DF)

Tom P

Sam H

At Loughor (meet at Loughor at 5pm on Wednesday)

Rhys D
James P

Rhys C
Tom G
Ben M
Tom L