Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jersey Teaser

Think Stade Francais...

The new jersey will be unveiled at training down Underhill Park tomorrow. 4:30 as usual.

As most of the boys are finding their old jerseys a bit tight, we would really appreciate it if you could recycle your old jersey into the club. The 7s have about half a squad worth in the old style and are swapping jerseys at half time of matches. The 8s also play in these style jerseys and are short of a few for new players. If we pool our old ones, then these teams won't need to pay for a set of the (expensive) old style replacements. If you can, bring your jersey to training this week or next week. Mike or Dan will collect them in. We also have some new socks, and any (good condition!) smaller socks can also be recycled.

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