Monday, 30 April 2012

Tour Itinerary

A rough guide below to the Tour Itinerary for Devon on the weekend for those who didn't get one on the Lucton magical mystery tour. You can view a full document of the itinerary here

Friday 4th May
Depart Mumbles RFC   4.30 pm by coach
stop at services on the way for a snack, arrive Ilfracombe Holiday Park by about 9pm.

Saturday 5th May
2pm   -    Under 12’s  tournament due to start at Barnstaple RFC  (due to finish by 6.30pm)
We have our coach and driver for the whole weekend – we should be able to get over to the tournament site (approx. 30 mins drive) and back to Ilfracombe afterwards at a time that suits us.

7.30/8pm -  Meet in main restaurant of the holiday park for a meal. Spaces have been reserved for us all to eat together.

Sunday 6th May
2pm   -   Under 12’s  tournament continues at Barnstaple RFC  (due to finish by 6pm)

HOG ROAST booked for Sunday evening. Time tbc.

Monday 7th May
Depart Ilfracombe -  time yet to be decided .

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Well earned rest

A well earned rest now for the boys until we go to Devon at the beginning of May.

NO TRAINING this Friday and no game on Sunday 29th April.

There will be a tour itinerary posted shortly for those who didn't get one on the Lucton bus

Well done to all the boys who were outstanding against some good English and Welsh teams in Lucton.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


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One confused owner
Suitable for large vehicles

Alternative Routes setting as standard

Friday, 20 April 2012

Lucton Travel Arrangements

The bus to Lucton is due to pick us up from The Village Inn on Sunday morning at 7.30am
We WILL NOT be leaving at 7.00am, the Teamer text is INCORRECT!
7.30am should get us to Lucton in time to register the team and grab a coffee before the first KO and allow the boys to warm up before the first game.
PLEASE be on time for the bus!
It WILL go without you at 7.30am!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Back to school and back to training at 4.30pm in the park
See you all there.
Anyone who needs seats on the bus to Lucton please let me know

Monday, 16 April 2012

England U12s rules

Here is a quick summary of the main rules for Lucton:

U12 Festivals
7 minutes each way
Pitch Size: 60m x 30m + 5m in-goal area (Half a pitch)

Ball Size: 4

Start of Game: Drop Kick from centre line

Tackling: Full contact as per RFU Laws with no hand offs, scrag tackling (pulling of shirt collar) or high tackle above high armpit/neck line

Rucks & Mauls: As per RFU Laws

Scrums: 6 players contested

Line Outs: 5 players contested inc. Hooker but no lifting

Kicking: Allowed but no fly hacking, i.e. kicking a loose ball on the ground
Conversions: None. In front of posts

# of players
13 a side - 6 forwards & 7 backs

Further notes:
Locks must bind around the shorts of the props, not between legs.
Scrum formation 3,2,1 (three front row, two second row, one 8).
Scrum half must stay at the tunnel on their put in.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Lucton Coach

It is looking likely that we will be taking a coach to Lucton at a cost of £10 per seat.
Can you please let me know on Sunday at the Bonymaen game how many seats you will require for the journey. If you aren't going to Bonymaen but are travelling to Lucton by coach you can email the number of seats you want to:

If I havent heard anything from you by WEDNESDAY 18th APRIL I will assume that you do not require any seats on the coach. Thanks

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sunday - Bonymaen Away

We will be playing at altitude this weekend with the away game against Bonymaen rescheduled from earlier in the season. Teamer invites have been sent out, 10.30 meet in Bonymaen
Apologies for a late Teamer sent Friday, there was a problem getting the texts to send from Teamer but that should be all sorted now.

Please continue to check the blog regularly for information, as Teamer are now limiting the number of texts that can be sent out, texts will only be sent out for games. All other information will be available on the blog.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Travel to Lucton

We are traveling to Lucton for the last time on 22nd April.
The other age groups have decided to not take a coach this year, because of the costs involved, because of the long journey time by coach compared to a car and also the flexibility of people to leave/stay at the end of the day at a time that suits them.

With this in mind, we are looking at the various options for travel depending on the numbers wanting to make their own (or shared) way there and the numbers wanting to be transported to and from the event.

If you could please answer the poll on the side of the blog------------------------->
Please answer once only and we can see what numbers there
are and the best option for travel on the day. Thanks


Training will be this Friday DAY at 10.30am in Underhill
See you all there.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Porthcawl Away Sunday

Our fixture away against Porthcawl this coming Sunday will now be an
11.20 am MEET! Not the 10.30 meet that went out via Teamer. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to Porthcawl so the boys get a chance to warm up before the game, which kicks off at 12.

The Porthcawl RFC website has them situated somewhere close to a pub on South Road, but from what I can tell the on Google maps, the map below is for direction to where we will play the game further up South Road. See you all there.

Could everyone going also please reply to Teamer, at the moment we only have 12 accepted for the game. If we still only have 12 accepted as we get nearer the game we will have to cancel the fixture!

View Rugby Pitches in a larger map

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Training this week 10am Thursday

Training will be at underhill this week on THURSDAY at 10.00am We have a big game against Porthcawl next weekend so it will be good to see everybody there for a good session this week. There will be NO teamer text for this training, so please pass on the details to anyone you see in the week