Sunday, 30 November 2008

Match v Pencoed

Mike Morgan reports from the game this morning.

30th November 2008

Mumbles 0 - Pencoed 4

In the third game of our Invertigo Pepparami sponsored Autumn Series against the trilogy of the rugby giants of the Southern Glamorgansphere, we welcomed to Loftus Fferwald the Powerful Pencoedians. With their travelling arrangements with the local chapter of Ice Road Truckers courier services safely at their disposal, they were able to leave the frozen wastelands East of Sarn Park to arrive promptly for an 11 AM Kick off. Unfortunately, the ever popular Ice Dance Spectacular at Swansea's Winter Wonderland and a local derby at the Stadium of Liberties depleted the Pencoedians of a number of their regular players and consequently they arrived with only one team for what we knew would be a real contest of contrasting styles.

Having suffered at the hands of the Southern Glamorgansphere sides Porthcawl and Cowbridge, we knew this game was all about attitude and the players of the Crusaders responded in magnificent style, tackling and competing for every scrap of possession. Especially pleasing was some of the close quarter stuff where none of the Crusaders boys refused to give an inch or be intimidated by what was a very keen and legitimate Pencoed team in attack and defence. While our predetermined plan of making a raft of substitutions at set intervals to allow all 18 boys to have as much rugby as possible on the day may have interrupted the continuity of our game, our team objectives still remain constant, irrespective of the final scoreline.

Today's game had a nice little abrasive edge to it, and thanks to Dan, never overstepped the mark. Coupled to this the positive contribution of both teams, support coaches and parents ensured the game flowed in the correct spirit and didn't deteriorate into a free for all. . This element of the game, while thankfully is not encouraged by many coaches, it is in fact part and parcel of the game and exposure to this now is another important step in the teams and players development.

While as always, all players are worthy of mention for "fronting up" in the game today, three players really stood out for their all round contribution and tenacity - namely Cian, Rhys C and Lloyd John who collectively probably had their best games for the Crusaders. Again, despite the adversity of the scoreline, all players showed tremendous camaraderie and team ethic and the support from the parents was as always exemplary and welcoming.

Team Crusaders would again like to thank the excellent players and coaches of Pencoed for today's fixture and for sharing a similar set of values and beliefs to ours when it comes to Junior Rugby. Also thanks to the Cricket Club for hosting the after match cheese and wine food fight and for the Hot-Dog Police for their vigilance in making sure that nobody exceeded their given allowance for the day.

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