Sunday, 12 October 2008

South Gower 4 Crusaders 5

Report from our man in Sagauwa: Michael Morgan (aged 43 and half)

On a glorious morning, Mumbles u9 matrix code ///90pl88as6.22/// team were hosted by South Gower. Thanks to all the parents whose continued support is invaluable, and who ensured that all the players arrived on time and properly attired, therefore allowing a prompt 10:35 start. In total 11 players were involved, each of which was given equal game time over the two 14 minute halves.

In an evenly matched contest, both sides tried to play in the true spirit of the game, running, tackling and sometimes passing with great enthusiasm. Mumbles employed a rolling substitution tactic, which was superbly orchestrated by John "don't ask me onto countdown" Hynes. This strategy paid early dividends when Brett Jones was replaced as principal support to the team by the enigmatic Lyndon after 3 minutes.

After gifting South Gower with an early score, the boys regathered their focus and captain for the day Max Jones, showing no ill effects from the Exocet he took on Wednesday, ran in for the first of his two tries.

In a game of nip and tuck, South Gower replied in kind and matched us score for score. Further tries followed from Sam, who continues to impress, and two for Lloyd John, one of which was a barnstorming bust through from fully 3 metres, which once introduced to the vagaries of cider when he's 18 (Editor's note: is this when you first drank cider Mike?) will surely increase to 30 metres. For good measure he also scored the winning try in the tense final few minutes when the scores were locked at 4-4 and the draw appeared the fair and inevitable result.

In summary, it was an excellent morning's rugby where all Mumbles and South Gower players should be commended for the way in which they played the game and conducted themselves both on and off the field. Many thanks to South Gower for proving to be excellent hosts with a very supportive and appreciative crowd and an excellent line in healthy eating hot dogs.

My thanks goes to Rob Griffiths who coaches the South Gower U9 for the way he approaches the game and standards he expects from his and other players - it is a fixture we look forward to reciprocating down at Underhill later on in the season.

Remember training 4:30 Wednesday when we will continue to work on the things we do well, such as breaking through tackles, popping the ball out of contact, defending and also the things we need to improve on such as passing to a player in space or a better position than the ball carrier, as remember it is the team name on the scoreboard, not any one individuals. In today's game if we had got that part of the game right the winning margin may have been slightly different.

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