Monday, 4 May 2009

Richmond Report

The waiting is over. We now present Mike of the Morgans' final end of term report. This is the Director's cut; the full, all singing all dancing unexpurgated version, in glorious video enhanced technicolour.

Saturday May 2nd 2009

Mumbles Crusaders 8 Richmond Tea Biscuits and Old Spiceonians 4

On a glorious Bank Holiday weekend, the Mumbles Junior Section welcomed our distinguished guests from the leafy suburbs, Richmond RFC to sample Welsh Hospitality and the opportunity to see the how these funny little people can survive on an income of less than £400k per annum. As reigning South Eastern Shiny School Shoes and Half Windsor Tie Knot champions for the last four seasons, we were fully aware of the challenge their formidable squad would bring to our humble abode. In the absence of Dan, Mike G undertook the role of Important Person for the day with relish and was entrusted with the keys to the ever Mystical Matrix Machine. With a squad of 21 to select from and with the game being split into 4 x 10 minute periods, Mike G entered a formulae more complex than the launch code for Air Force 1 to enable all players to participate with equal game time.

After familiarising the Richmond coaches with the cross border rule variations that forbids Scrums, Lineout's, Drinking Pimms and Touchline calls such as "Scrag the Blighter" or "Come on Richers, Spin the Leather", the game began with both sides fully committed to adjusting to each others style and interpretations of play. A high tempo game ensued with both sides willing and able to spread the ball at all times displaying a level of skill and ball retention that is to be applauded. At all times during the game the players from both sides conducted themselves in an exemplary manner showing great levels of respect and sportsmanship towards their fellow players and the referee. However, as the game entered its fourth quarter, the squad of 14 players from Richmond began to tire and their players began to feel the effects of the larger squad numbers Mumbles had at their disposal. Nevertheless, with the final play of the game, and with referee for the day Mike M now sweating like a Mexican Butcher, it was in keeping with the Entente Cordiale and conviviality of the day of the that Richmond scored the final try of the game. For Mumbles it was pleasing to see the boys react to different opposition and their styles of play and also to see their commitment to the breakdown and in contesting for the ball on the floor, a feature of our game that has improved noticeably in the last few weeks. Yet again, there was a number of try scorers on the scoreboard at the close of play which also indicates that the teamwork and team ethic is also starting to pay dividends. I think all those present today would agree that it was a success both on and off the field.

Our thanks goes to the supporters and players from Richmond, especially to the coaches Sean and Jeremy who were totally gracious in every respect towards the players and parents of the Mumbles Crusaders and whose belief in the values that can be instilled through Rugby is to be fully commended. I am sure that this is a fixture and event that will be built upon in future years - Well done to all on show today.

As a final gesture of goodwill on the day, the Chaps from Richmond treated us to verses 1, 3 and 7 of their team song Macdonaldus Senex Fundum Habuit. Which was sung very loudly and with considerable gusto. Our Boyos then responded with a song of their own that entailed imaginative positioning of a Sweet Chariot.

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