Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Training on Wednesday 4.30pm, matches on Sunday

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the park on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

We have provisionally put together two squads for the games against Morriston and Aberavon Green Stars. Kick offs likely to be from 10am.

The games will be at BISHOPSTON.

EDIT: We will NOT be going to the cricket club after the games. (There is a christening on and I don't think they would welcome several dozen sets of muddy boys gatecrashing their happy day). As there are no facilities for food after the game, and because the weather forecast is good, parents are welcome to bring snacks for a picnic after the matches.

In preparation for Sunday, can everyone ensure that they have BLACK/NAVY shorts. Mumbles socks a bonus.

We have reordered shirts for those who are new or need a larger size. Otherwise it will be a bit of mix and matching on Sunday.


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