Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dunvant match

The team travelled over to Dunvant this morning. It was a sunny day, but still required a thick tread wellyboot. However sunglasses were dusted off and 13 boys took part in a slightly one-sided game against the weighty Dunvant team.

Cam captained, with Max, Rhys, Rhys, Ben, Ben, Tom, Tom, Jack, Dom, Connor, Sam and Harry. The eventual score was over 15 tries to about 3.

Everyone made telling contributions, but we were looking in particular for certain things this match: early passing, clearing out, ripping out of the maul, low tackles and strength on the ball. All the boys were given a target and each one managed to at least achieve their personal goals.

The Dunvant coaches, Kevin and Anthony, were very gracious and good hosts. Their team were big, strong but not as fleet of foot as the Crusaders, who found open spaces, created gaps and scored some excellent tries.

The defence was good, with three or four players particularly tackling everything that came their way and a couple of others making more tackles than normal.

Training is on Wednesday at Underhill at 4.30pm.

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