Sunday, 11 September 2011


Dan's patented Matrix has outputted the following teams for the first five teams of the season. The combination of complex equations, years of rugby experience and drawing of straws has resulted in selections that should see equal game time for everyone.
Ongoing analysis by our team of experts will make any alterations needed to the matrix before releasing teams for the next round of fixtures...

Games are:
Dunvant (A) 18th Sept / S.Gower (H) 25th Sept / Neath (TBC) 2nd Oct.
Bonymaen (A) 9th Oct / Loughor (H) 16th Oct.

v Dunvant v S.Gower v Neath v Bonymaen v Loughor
Back 5 Rhod Rhod James Rhod Rhod
Back 5 James Brad Brad James James
Back 5 Brad Jack Jack Ben Brad
Back 5 Jack Ben Ben Tom Jack
Back 5 Ben Tom Tom Lloyd Tom
Back Row Lloyd Lloyd Cam Cam Lloyd
Back Row Cam Cian Cian Cian Cam
Back Row Cian K Morr K Morr K Morr K Morr
Front row Will Will Jamie Will Will
Front row Jamie K Morg K Morg Jamie Jamie
Front row K Morg Aled Aled Aled K Morg
Front row Aled Alex Alex Alex Alex
Half Back Rhys C Rhys C Max Rhys C Rhys C
Half Back Max Nathan Nathan Max Max
Half Back Nathan Zach Zach Zach Nathan
Half Back Zach TG TG TG TG
2nd row Sam Sam Ryan Sam Sam
2nd row Ryan Oli Oli Ryan Ryan
2nd row Oli Rhys D Rhys D Rhys D Oli
2nd row Rhys D Harry Harry Harry Harry

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