Monday, 12 September 2011


Just to clarify the thinking behind the new Matrix to everyone...
You will see that your son will have been allocated a "position". That is to help balance the team for each match. Though it is more likely that they will be playing in that position on the day, they will be moved around to 
develop their skills in other positions as well as to accommodate injuries during the game.

For instance, though there are only three "back row" players for each game, we think that at least two of the "front row" and all of the "second row" can play in the "back row" in any specific game. 

We will stick to a rotation policy on the field as well. Depending on the final number for the day, it is likely that your son will have around 70% of the playing time on the pitch. Noting that wingers have the least amount of activity during a game (fewer passes, tackles, rucks etc), there are approximately 2 backs and 3 forwards replacements for each game.

At the end of the first cycle of games, we will review the matrix allocation, adjusting where necessary.

It is essential that players: 
1. Don't become a one position player.
2. Experience a range of positions over the season.
3. Get as much game time as possible.
4. Want to learn new skills based on WHAT THEY HAVE DISCOVERED FROM PLAYING, not just because we have told them that it is the right skill.

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