Tuesday, 23 April 2013

GORDANO TOUR - SUNDAY 28th APRIL - Dept. 8.30am

The Crusaders will end another successful season on and off the pitch with a whirlwind tour of Gordano RFC in Bristol on Sunday 28th April.
The now famous Cider Express will be departing Mumbles RFC at 8.30am
This will allow us some time to get some food and relax around Gordano before Kick Off at 1.00pm.
We aim to return after a few drinks in the Gordano RFC bar, approx 7.30pm

There is a charge of £10pp for the return journey, which is payable on the bus before we leave.

IMPORTANT: Could you please reply to the Teamer text with 'M' to say you will be meeting to get the bus from Mumbles on Sunday morning.

It would be great if as many boys as possibly could get the bus up, but if you are planning on driving to Gordano please text 'Y' to the Teamer text

If you cannot make it, please decline with 'N' as usual.

There are 49 seats on the bus, 24 players in the squad. So there is room for every player plus one adult, however, some players may not make it, and some may travel alone. If you require more than one extra seat for brothers/sisters/parents/ please let me know by text or email mumblescrusaders@gmail.com and we will do our best to get everyone on board.

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