Sunday, 5 February 2012


Our Crusaders Tour 2012 to the distant shores of sunny Ilfracombe is fast approaching!!
So, final payments are now due...

The original price per head for the accommodation was £89 of which we have all paid £35  deposit already
leaving £54 to pay which has been dropped to £52 due to the numbers we have travelling.

We also need to pay £35 per head for the return coach travel. So, total due per head    £52 + £35 = £87

(Lisa Duffy and Vicky Langford -  total due per head £70 + £35 = £105  due to late booking)

Please make cheques payable to TEAM TOURS DIRECT LTD.   and give to KAY by SUNDAY 19th FEBRUARY.

The money we have from fundraising will be shared out to all before we go - a boost to our spending money!!

Thank you.

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