Tuesday, 24 January 2012


As we have a home game this weekend against Bonymaen, we are due to go back to the club after the final whistle for the players to enjoy the club catering.

This season there is a £10 subsidy due for each player at all age groups (some of you will have paid this already for other ages) to help towards the catering costs on a Sunday morning at the club.
This subsidy needs to be collected for the club ASAP, so there will be a form going out to everyone after training on Friday explaining the subsidy and asking for payment, which we can hopefully collect on Sunday.

We are also encouraging as many people back to the club as possible after our home games. As we are paying for the catering it makes sense that we use it as much as possible. It's also great for the boys to hang around together after the game, so it's not just all about the rugby and go home.

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