Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Game v Pencoed - Sun

'twas the weekend before Christmas
Mums, don't get annoyed
We've a festive game of rugby
In a place called Pencoed

You may want to buy gifts
Take your boys with you shopping
Numbers for the game this weekend
Might be dropping

Fear not for reprisals
It's Christmas you see
If your family has plans for your boys
Let them be

The shout out on Teamer
To the whole squad did go
So if you cant make it
Just please reply NO

I am sure for Pencoed
We'll raise a fine squad of boys
That would rather play rugby
Than go shop for toys

In other words, the whole squad has been invited on teamer for our final game before Christmas
If you cant make it, please reply NO - and if you can please reply YES

Not rocket science, I know, but sometimes I wonder...

Training also on Friday at Bish Gym 4.30pm




Come and see The Contenders unveil their new line up for an evening of live Rock and Roll. At Mumbles Rugby Club FREE Entry from 8:30 till late.

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Dan Cottrell said...

What a poem! Excellent work Cartsworth