Thursday, 5 May 2011

Plans for this weekend!

Some necessary changes in our plans for the Trecco and Tobago Tour caused by our boys being just TOO GOOD at rugby! It was fantastic to hear that the Swansea Schoolboys vanquished Bridgend and reached the DC Thomas Cup Final with so many of the squad (9!) coming from the Crusaders. There might be a few exceptions to this plan, but here is the general idea…

Friday. Everyone is meeting at Pencoed RFC. Just off the M4. 17:30. The Schoolboys will rest and support, and Mumbles will play a mixed match with Pencoed. Hotdogs then departure for Trecco and Tobago (or a more comfy bed). The Schoolboys will be looking for a realtively early night and early start on the Saturday to catch the team bus to Cardiff and the Millenium Stadium! The bus will meet those still at Trecco at Sarn Park at 10:15. All players who have been involved with the Schoolboys this season are also invited to travel on the coach and watch the game. The big match kicks off at 12:45 and is followed by a meal for the team. All supporters from the Crusaders are also welcome to come along to Cardiff and shout for the lads. We will expect the boys back at Trecco at around 5ish.

There will be considerably less sleep for the rest of the team (and their parents) but they will still need to be up on Saturday morning for LaserTag. This is very close to Trecco and we have a slot at 11:30. We have 20 places booked, and it costs £15 for 2 hours. We are expecting a few parents / sibs to want a go as well and there should be space for a full session or to tag in and out. Just make sure you have a change of clothes and old shoes, especially if the rain keeps up tomorrow. It is outdoors in the woods, and a hell of alot of fun. We will be back at Trecco about 14:00 for a relaxing afternoon.

By the evening we’ll all be back together, no doubt with lots of stories to swap, and will aim to congregate for a BBQ. I don’t know exactly how easy this will be – but bring the equipment and food you need and we’ll improvise.

Sunday morning it is another early-ish start as we need to be at nearby Llantwit Major for a match kicking off at 10:00 (because they are having a presentation day later on). After that it is back to Trecco for well earned relaxation at the pool, and a toast to another successful season and tour.

Any questions – Mike G on 07846 334 962

P.S. On arrival at Trecco don’t forget there is a £30 ‘damages’ deposit. You pay this by credit card when you check in. You get it back. Unless you burn down your caravan or something.

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