Sunday, 10 April 2011

Loads of rugby this weekend, and with a perfect storm of representative sports, parties and dodgy achilles tendons, we still miraculously managed to put out 2 teams to represent Mumbles at tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday. This is thanks to the commitment of the available players, the supporters and to the parents for stepping in to coach at a moments notice. Many thanks go first to Adam, Jason, Kevin and Mike for looking after the team unexpectedly on Saturday. 10 Crusaders put in a superb effort to front up to the big English touring sides, and with no substitutions fought their way through 4 very tough games of rugby. On Sunday the Crusaders found a few reinforcements, and 13 players took the field at Dunvant for another tough 4 games against big London Irish and Farnham teams. There was nothing easy about the rugby this weekend. All hard games, all strong opposition, but all an experience, and plenty of game time for everyone involved. All the lads can be very proud of their battling performances, but this weekend we must mention the efforts put in by 6 Crusaders: Nathan, Cian, Rhys Davies, Ollie, Kieran Morris and Alex who played every game on both days and without whom we would not have been able to take part in two really good festivals.

This week - keep an eye out for Lucton Travel plans.

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